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Roundtable Discussion: Survival Partner & Beer

Roundtable Discussion: Survival Partner & Beer
Jason Behler

With Catching Fire coming out this week, and while in the midst of another Walking Dead season, we need to look into survival. If you were in a survival situation where you had to fend for yourself and could choose one person (real or fictional) to partner up with to give you the best chance of making it out alive who would it be and why? And what beer would you carry with you in case death were inevitable, and you only had a few moments to enjoy one last beer?


“Hmm, who to pick for my end ‘o the world buddy? Well, a dude, because I’m pretty sure that horror-movie statistically speaking, boy/girl duos have both people stay alive longer than girl/girl duos. And I’d need him to be a little angsty (to accurately reflect the dire-ness of the situation), but also calm and practical. A bad boy with a heart of gold. Oh, and he should probably be aces with a crossbow. So hmmm… I think that narrows it down to Darryl from the Walking Dead.
And if I’m goin out, I don’t want to have to deal with it anywhere near sober, so I’ll take a nice high ABV tripel, like my favorite, River Horse Tripel Horse, or maybe, super appropriately, La Fin Du Monde.”


“Bear Grylls. I live. I win. And as for what beer we share… anything to help Bear get the taste of his own pee out of his mouth. Check it out.


“If I had to choose a survival partner other than my wife, I would most definitely choose the Gummers. Heather Gummer and Burt Gummer are those firearm enthusiasts with a sweet underground bunker from the movie, Tremors. I would love to stock up on their assortment of weapons and improvised explosives if the world was ending. I would probably want a bigger beer to share with them. I am sure they love to hunt, so I know they would appreciate the Brew Dogs The End of History (55% ABV) – the beer formerly known as “the world’s strongest beer”. Only 12 bottles were released and packaged inside stuffed squirrels and stoats.”


“Like Cory, I would choose my wife (who has killed a wild boar with a traditional bow) first. Other than my wife, though, I would choose Ernest Hemingway – renowned hunter and boozer he could help keep me alive, and if it came down to it I could outrun him. If we were both going to bite it, I would want a bomber of the North Coast Old Rasputin XV (bourbon barrel-aged), and hope that some of his mystical powers would rub off on us…or at least have us feeling good for the end.”


“I would choose Jennifer Lawrence aka J-Law. She is a fellow Kentuckian, a badass (I am sure she had to some neat survival training/martial artsy choreography for Hunger Games), and I am pretty sure we would be BFFs. Who better to survive an apocalypse with than a hilarious friend who would also probably just be goofy in between warding off zombies/aliens/monsters/Tea Partiers. As for beer, anything we could snag from Apocalypse Brew Works in Louisville, KY. We would be holding down the fort of the Commonwealth with sweet, sweet irony.”

Good luck, PorchDrinkers, and may the hops ever be in your favor.


  1. Your wife has killed a boar? Snap!

  2. Jason

    Cory, That is the truth. She killed a boar with a traditional recurve bow. None of this wimpy compound bow stuff. We are talking aboriginal weaponry.

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