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Roundtable Discussion | Sunday Funday
Kate Stark
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The weekend really got away from me, as long weekends are wont to do. In that spirit, we asked our PorchDrinkers, “What is your favorite thing to do on a Sunday, and what beer do you drink while doing it?”

Kate Stark

Mine is actually laundry. I like starting the week with clean clothes. And I usually enjoy a couple Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ales while I’m folding and watching a movie (or House of Cards).

Lauren Hoff

I usually have the house to myself on Sunday’s, so I use it to write for my book, blog or Porch Drinking. Lately, I have been finishing off what is left in sample growlers from my sales job at Beer by Design Brewery, because I am trying to regrow my cellar after drinking it all before moving.

Sarah Hargis

I’m a big fan of Sunday brunch and being lazy. The Six Points Sweet Action is my favorite breakfast beer, followed closely by MOA Breakfast with a splash of orange juice in it.

Justin Vicroy

Working in a retail liquor store, I rarely get Sundays off; but when I do, I take full advantage of the opportunity. I start with sleeping in & awakening to the sounds & smells of my coffee maker, which I had set the night before. Then I contact friends to make plans for brunch while sipping my delicious cinnamon coffee. After brunch, it is naptime, unless football season is upon us. In that scenario, I head to Guvnr’s Park Tavern for copious amounts of 22oz draft beers and football. The rest of the day is a haze…

Erin Russell

When it isn’t a brunching Sunday – which are reserved for mimosas – my roommate and I like to go shopping in Northern Virginia for a change of pace (we usually just end up buying wine). After, I love to go to the Dogfish Head Alehouse in NOVA and enjoy something I don’t always see on tap elsewhere, like WorldWide Stout or Midas Touch.

John Winters

I can’t drink Bourbon Barrel anymore. Too many unrelenting hangovers.

For me Sunday is spent recovering from the week past and getting ready for the week to come. I like to take the dog for a long walk and relax with something light in the evening. This week it was House of Cards and Classique from Stillwater which has become my new go-to session beer from my current favorite brewery.

Spencer Mapes

Sundays for me are usually recovery day. Wether that is from a long week of work, or a long weekend of beer festivities. I usually take the day to recover my zen and peace of mind. That is why if my body can handle beer on Sunday I stick to a light beer with a low ABV. Rhinegeist’s Zen is perfect for that occasion. An American Pale Ale with an ABV of about 4.3%, Zen is perfect for sitting on a comfy couch while catching up with some TV.

Cory Pelc


Then it is light drinking since I probably had my fill on Friday and Saturday. When it is warm out, I go for a session style jam. If it is colder out, I gravitate towards the winter Saison stylings.

Jason Behler

Like many others have said brunch is a staple of my Sunday. Whether I make it or we go out for it, I cannot function on Sundays without it. In all season except summer I try to get some grading done, but procrastination is more common. The rest is determined by the season. Winter = soccer on TV followed by housework, grocery, and more vegging out (stouts to drink). Spring = soccer on TV, coaching soccer, bike ride (if time allows), and vegging out (IPA to drink, strength and quantity determined by results of games). Summer = outdoors (session beers). Fall = football (if Bengals are playing), outdoors (still session beers).

*Brooklyn Pilsner, Founders All Day IPA, Country Boy Cougar Bait, and Mirror Pond Pale Ale are my fave craft session beers.

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