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Roundtable Discussion | 2 Truths and a Lie

Roundtable Discussion | 2 Truths and a Lie
Kate Stark

It’s high time you all got to know us a little better. We’re playing 2 truths and a lie, so you have to pick out what are factoids about us, and what are totally false statements. And as Justin put it, “Man, either y’all lead the most interesting lives or you guys can BS a BS’er…”

Gabe Bastos

  1. I traveled back to Boston with approximately 50 pounds of beer.
  2. I enjoyed “scoops” more than the fancy media luncheon at GABF.
  3. I survived a Rumpkin night.

Which is the lie?
Lizzie: Define “Survived”, Gabe 😉
Gabe: Lizzie, I plead the 5th.
Lauren: I’m gonna go ahead and call BS on Gabe’s #2, you practically licked the plate of the short ribs dish.

rumpkin nightANSWER: I did not survive Rumpkin. My body, mind, and spirit will never be the same. Although the drinking pace I was on for Thursday and Friday could only be described as “ambitious” I felt fine the next day. But then Tristan (pictured) had a moment of darkness and bought a 12 oz of Rumpkin at Star Bar Saturday night. Sunday was the roughest. No one could describe the way I felt then, and still feel, as surviving. Rumpkin slayed me. Tristan thought it would be HILARIOUS to casually offer me some more Rumpkin the next morning and my only response was bend over and scream “no, please.”

And Lauren, that lunch was delicious. But you underestimate my love for cheap American Chinese food. If you thought I destroyed those short ribs, you should have seen the damage I did to $4.25 of scoops coming back from a GABF session.

Jason Behler

  1. My brother-in-law nearly came to fisticuffs with Jean Claude van Damme in the Bahamas.
  2. I have flown an airplane.
  3. I wrote every book report from grades 5-10 on Gary Paulsen’s Hatchet.

Which is the lie?

Kate: #1

ANSWER: In fact, my bro in-did almost fight JCVD at a casino in the Bahamas. Also, Hatchet was the only book I did any sort of paper on for six years. The irony is that I am now a high school English teacher, and have since (mostly in college) read more books than I can count. I have never flown an airplane. That is my lie.

Lizzie Bourque

  1. I’ve only read one Harry Potter book.
  2. I’ve played flip cup with Michael Phelps.
  3. I’ve eaten all 29 varieties of Ritter Sport chocolate bars.

Which is the lie?
Caitlin: I’m calling BS on the Harry Potter book.
Tristan: #2

ANSWER:  I haven’t played flip cup with Michael Phelps. But I have played beer pong with him. And lost. Twice. Sorry Caitlin, I never got on the Harry Potter train. Just not my thing.

Josh Buchanan

  1. I have seen approximately 250 bands since 2005.
  2. My family owns and operates a homemade ice cream store that’s open year round.
  3. I have signed an autograph for a foreigner who thought I was Eli Manning.

Which is the lie?
Kate: #1
Tristan: #2


Tristan Chan

  1. I won a national silver medal at the collegiate level for an athletic event.
  2. I’ve played basketball on the Rupp Arena Floor.
  3. I worked for the Cincinnati Reds.

Which is the lie?
Erin: #3
Kate: #3
Laura: I call baloney on #2 (1 HAS to be for curling, and I’m 99.9% sure number 3 happened right after we graduated…)

ANSWER: My #2 was a lie. I won a Silver Medal at the Collegiate Curling Nationals for Miami University and I was an intern for the Cincinnati Reds between my Junior and Senior years of college.

Drew Davis

  1. A homeless person once wanted to fight me in D.C. for talking too loudly on my phone in the middle of the night outside of a hotel.
  2. I am a DJ who has opened for multiple gold and platinum artists, including those that sing 6 of the current top 10 US country songs, Fun., Wiz Khalifa, Chiddy Bang, Mike Posner, Sam Adams (not the beer), ASAP Rocky, Rebelution and others
  3. I hold four different college degrees and currently have four different jobs that I am juggling all at once.

Which is the lie?
Tristan: #1

ANSWER: My lie was number three.
I did in fact get into a shouting match with a homeless guy in June in dc. I was staying at the mayflower, went outside to talk on the phone so I didn’t disturb any guests, talked in what was likely an obnoxiously loud voice too close to this gentleman’s sleeping spot and he very badly wanted to fight me. I abstained, walked back into the hotel and went to the fourth floor, walked to my room, couldn’t get in because my key didn’t work, and proceeded to sleep on the floor outside the room because I didn’t feel like walking back to the front desk and fully expected my friends I was sharing the room with to open the door and find me in the morning. At some point (timing unknown to this guy) I must have gotten into my room because I woke up in my bed. While packing I could not find my shoes I had worn the night before. I asked the front desk if they had recovered them, which they had. I asked where, to which they told me right outside of room 433. Problem was, I stayed in 533. So I deduced that I had walked to the wrong room (why my key didn’t work) and had slept outside 433 for some time until I somehow realized my mistake and made my way to the right room. I remember almost none of this. I imagine I took off my shoes to avoid the old college pass out, Sharpie rules and just left them there. There may have been some excessive alcohol involved in this whole fiasco.
Three is close to accurate but falsified. The truth is I have the degrees, am currently working on a master’s certificate (basically the master’s equivalent of a minor), which will sort of be my fourth. And the number of jobs I have is false. I actually currently hold 6 jobs: 1 my main job as a business manager in student affairs at Miami working with all student media organizations/publications, 2 an interim position as Miami assistant athletic communications director that was vacated a month ago, 3 a utility role as announcer/scoreboard operator/statistician/time out coordinator for Miami athletics, 4 DJ, 5 play by play and color commentary broadcaster, and 6 occasional bartender at good old Brickstreet.

Marie DeAeth

  1. I once had the jaws of an 11 foot, live, great white shark 12 inches from my head.
  2. My cat is internet famous.
  3. I was once in the same room as Fidel Castro.

Which is the lie?
Tristan: #2

ANSWER: I think my life would be perfect if my cat were internet famous. But alas.

Stacey Goers

  1. I collect the front pages of old newspapers (historical events, etc).
  2. I have met one of the top military leaders of the Polish armed forces.
  3. I have never eaten pho.

Which is the lie?
Tristan: #3


Lauren Hoff

  1. I have worked under the golden dome under 2 different Colorado governors and have shared beers with both.
  2. I have run 3 half marathons.
  3. I have never had cable TV.

Which is the lie?
Tristan: #3

ANSWER: I had cable when I lived in campus housing 🙂

Scott Hoffman

  1. My nickname during college was Lobby the Advice Giving Lobster (Lobby for short).
  2. I’ve seen a duet cover by two homeless men in Madison, WI of Take Me Home Tonight by Eddie Money.
  3. I’ve completed 4 marathons.

Which is the lie?

ANSWER: my lie was the 3rd one. I was part of a marathon that was cancelled about 20 miles in, so I didn’t technically complete it.

Philip Joyce

  1. My first name is actually James.
  2. I speak Japanese.
  3. I’m in the process of starting a brewery.

Which is the lie?
Tristan: #1

ANSWER: I speak japanese and I’m starting a brewery. My middle name is James.

Chris Knost

  1. During high school, I wore golf shoes for all four years.
  2. As of today, I’ve run just under a 1,000 miles since the start of 2013.
  3. In college, my housemates and I use to have office chair races down College Avenue at Miami University as part of Beer Olympic events

Which is the lie?
Kate: #2… I think you’ve run more than that.

ANSWER:  I didn’t wear golf shoes for all four years. I wore Timberland’s for my freshman year because I thought I was a thug.

Lindsay Krumel

  1. I have seven tattoos.
  2. I once auditioned for The Amazing Race with my ex-boyfriend.
  3. I broke my elbow tripping over a curb on Halloween.

Which is the lie?


Laura Mego

  1. I have performed at Carnegie Hall.
  2. I went to Miami University and NEVER attended a single hockey game
  3. I’ve had dinner with Salman Rushdie (nice guy!)

Which is the lie?

ANSWER: My lie was number 2-I went to one hockey game while I was at Miami (you gotta!)

Cory Pelc

  1. I was once in a punk band called Kevlar Washcloth.
  2. I have a severe case of Ophidiophobia (fear of snakes).
  3. I have seen Return of the Living Dead 47 times.

Which is the lie?
Tristan: #2

ANSWER: #1. I’ve never been in a band called Kevlar Washcloth.

Erin Petry

  1. I have been attacked by monkeys on more than one occasion.
  2. I have traveled to all 7 continents.
  3. I have received jewelry and other luxurious gifts from at least one former head of state.

Which is the lie?
Kate: It would be really weird if #1 had happened to you too (now I’m kicking myself for not making that one of my 2 truths!), so I’m going with that.
Tristan: #2

ANSWER: Tristan got mine right. I’ve only been to 5 continents.

Kate Stark

  1. I know how to make balloon animals.
  2. I play violin.
  3. I have never done a successful cartwheel.

Which is the lie?
Caitlin: I would say the cartwheel but I think ‘success’ can be measured in many ways.
Tristan: #1

ANSWER: #2. I went through a phase as a kid where I wanted to be a clown. I also have a crippling fear of being upside down—thanks, big bro—so even the most rudimentary of acrobatics have always been off limits for me.

Mike Tolliver

  1. I once got kicked out of a Vegas pool for CANNONBALLING into the lazy river.
  2. I dropped out of college and moved to LA to try to be a rockstar.
  3. I pooped my pants at Dollywood.

Which is the lie?
Drew: I really wish all of those were true.

ANSWER: 1 was my lie, although it may happen at some point. The rock star thing didn’t work out (obviously) and I re-enrolled in school the next semester. I was a kid and got a stomach bug at Dollywood. Things did not end well for my pants.

Drew Troller

  1. I was on my college’s curling team.
  2. I’ve never been outside the United States.
  3. I peed my pants at Disney World.

Which is the lie?
Tristan: #2


Caitlin Van Mol

  1. I have gotten into a verbal altercation with a parolee in a bar.
  2. As a personal favor, the manager of the Eagles sent an ex-boyfriend across the state to purchase a bar stool.
  3. I designed and made a series of Labyrinth themed cross stitches.

Which is the lie?
Tristan: #3… but I could totally see you doing this.

ANSWER: My Truths are Number 1 and 3. The verbal altercation happened at a bar in Brooklyn. The man volunteered the information that he was on parole (Interestingly enough he did this through a game of Two Truths and a Lie). Unrelated conversation happened when out of no where, he told me (a Michiganian) and my friend (Californian) that we were very cocky. I asked him what he meant and why he said that. He said “You think you can just come in here and live here and be all fine. You should go back where you came from.” Since I’m a 14-year-old girl, my reply was “Seriously?” Which he mocked because he is apparently a 5-year-old boy. Then I may or may not have started yelling certain profanities at him and his friend steered him away.  Real shining moment for everyone.

My mother taught me to cross stitch so I would stop bothering her on long car rides. Touching stuff. I’ve done one of the worm that says ‘ello’, one of Ludo that says ‘Rocks Friends,’ and one of the gang that says “Should you need us”.

The lie didn’t happen to me, but it did happen to my sister.  The Eagles’ manager is a cool guy that will right wrongs and take names.

Justin Vicroy

  1. I enjoy wine more than I enjoy beer.
  2. The only time I traveled outside of the US was to take a wicked deuce.
  3. I have never been arrested.

Which is the lie?
Tristan: #3.


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