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Roundtable Discussion | Beer Songs

Roundtable Discussion | Beer Songs

No matter if you’re cracking open a cold one during the summer day or sitting by the campfire at night, you might need a few song options to keep you buzzed. Here are a few of our favorite (and sometimes, least favorite) songs about drinking beer.

Chris Day

I’m not sure I have a favorite, but this is definitely my least favorite:


Mike Wronski

Can’t have a beer song list without an old school German polka standard …


Niel Stender

What the shit Chris? Please tell me that’s really Stallone. I don’t like country music and don’t even know if it’s about beer but it always seems to be on at bars and beer festivals – “Country Roads” by John Denver and I LOVE it.

Danny King

Mike, I don’t know if you know this but that’s also the song played after every University of Iowa home win!

Mike Wronski

Hahaha, I had no idea. There’s gotta be a collective polka dance to go with it in the stands, right? If be remiss if I didn’t throw an Irish jig in here too.


Katelyn Pelak

You guys may not know this, but “Pretty Good At Drinkin’ Beer” is kind of Lindsay Snyder’s song 🙂

My personal fav is “Toes” by Zach Brown Band but I have about 10 other country songs I could add to this list, haha.

Chris Day

Niel Stender: Oh, it’s real. I think it’s from that bad 80s movie with Stallone and Dolly Parton.

Cory Pelc

ANS Tribute to Gang Green’s “Lets Drink Some Beer”  is a great track that pays homage to old punk rock of yore.

Although Municipal Waste has a bunch of songs about beer, “Born to Party” is my absolute favorite. It’s also a great crowd pleaser live and the breakdown at about 40 seconds is so awesome with all of the beer cans opening. It really makes you want to party.

FIDLAR’s new song “40oz. on Repeat” because FIDLAR.

Cure’s Craft Beer (feat D Loke) is also a great feel good hip hop song about the love of all things craft. Bottle shares and Bourbon County shout outs and all.


Marie DeAeth

Hmm, it is suddenly difficult to come up with anything off the top of my head other than…. “B double-E double R-U-N, Beer Run! B double-E double R-U-N, Beer Run! …”

Hahaha Though it’s not about beer, I do feel the need to mention that at my girl scout camp, we frequently sang a song about a mouse who lived in a bar and got eaten by a cat because he drank up too much liquor off the barroom floor. (Yes, at Girl Scout camp.) (Yes, I still know all the words.) (No, I won’t sing it for you … Oh okay, I probably will.)

Mike Zoller

Red Solo Cup by Toby Keith.

Cory Pelc

Will Dozier would probably say “Barleywine Bump” by Larry and His Flask.

Stacey Goers

Come on, “Ain’t Going Down Til the Sun Comes Up” from Garth … classic. Cheesy, yes. Also, “Wagon Wheel” (any version). And Eric Hutchinson’s “Sounds Like This album” can just be played and played for an easy afternoon.

Josh Ritenour

Yes, Marie: “Beer Run” by Todd Snider.


Brady Akers

I am gonna go to all ends of the music spectrum: Reel Big Fish “Beer,” Tracy Byrd “Drinkin Bone” and the Polka classic “Roll Out The Barrel.”

Chris Day

Cory, I should not as surprised as I am that you have so many responses!

John Pylant

Another Irish drinking song, by Da Vinci’s Notebook. The Scotsman bit is my favorite.


Mike Zoller

David Bowie “Heros” and Van Morrison “Days Like This” (for relaxed) or “Jackie Wilson Said” for dancing.

Tristan Chan

I’m just going to leave this here:

Yes this is an entire beer playlist that we did on PD a while back but definitely worth re-visiting.

Cory Pelc

I’m listening along to that list, Tristan – good stuff. I forgot about that Leatherface song!


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