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Roundtable Discussion | Favorite Pool Memories

The Sandlot Pool Kiss
Lindsay Krumel

Memorial Day Weekend signals the opening of virtually every pool in the good ol’ US of A. This week, we asked our staff to recount their favorite throw back or recent pool memories. Feel free to share yours in the comment section below!

Erin Petrey

I know TChan had amazing pool memories as Mr. Lifeguard extraordinaire! But for me, we always looked forward to the snack shack at our local pool. They always had the most satisfying seasoned fries and chicken fingers. After a long day in the sun running and splashing around with pool noodles, chicken fingers really hit the spot.

Cory Pelc

 My fondest pool memory was being able to swim in the Olympic Pool in Sydney, Australia. The expanse of this pool eclipses all other memories ten fold. “You call that a pool? That ain’t a pool; THIS is a pool.”

Tristan Chan

Yes, youre right ERP! But when I was a kid i developed my love for Swedish Fish at the concession stand. As an actual lifeguard we pulled all sorts of hijinks from playing stickball with umbrella poles and tennis balls, to telling kids we kept sharks below the diving board deep ends and let them out at night to swim and guard the pool. We also bet on the kids who competed in local swim matches, flirted with camp counselors, held throwback thursdays wayyyy before that was a social media thing and ours consisted of teal super short guard shorts, we also once made a ramp and road a bike into the pool. Basically it was the best job ever.

Joshua Kan

Lifeguard Tristan and his ridiculously tan legs!

Laura Graham

 My only pool memories are of being ungodly burned, and whenever my skin would recover and turn to normal the lifeguard would call me Casper (and when I glared at him he’d call me Casper the unfriendly ghost) #irishskin

Laura Graham

A happier pool memory would be the baby pool we had in our font yard in college. At night we’d fill it with warm water and bubbles, and during the day we’d have belly flop competitions.

Lindsay Krumel

I don’t know that I’d call this one a favorite, more like scarring, but Monday evening my boyfriend and I were laying out at his apartment complex, and there was something scandalous going on in that pool. We’re talking multiple nip slips here. Needless to say, I won’t be getting in there anytime soon.

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