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Roundtable Discussion | Good 80s Trends

Roundtable Discussion | Good 80s Trends

Although the 80s where a questionable time for fashion, there ARE some 80s trends that we’d like to see brought back. Here’s what our staff members thought were some good 80s trends.

Tristan Chan

Ninja Turtles, Markey Mark, Ghostbusters… oh wait. No but for reals… Members only jackets


Laura Mego

Not being reachable all.the.time. I love my technology as much as the next lady (let’s be honest…probably more, I’m a tech nerd), but sometimes I find going without it liberating.


Kate Stark

I just want to be able to wear leg warmers everywhere. Is that so much to ask?


Katie Oswalt

Neon swishy pants with matching swishy jackets. Kate, over leggings with elastic foot loops?


Laura Mego

Sorry, Tristan Chan, Michael Bay’s sorry excuse for TNMT does not count…it was so so bad.


Kate Stark

NO FOOT LOOPS. stirrup pants are the worst. But yes on the leggings.


Tristan Chan

Amen sister! P.S. I’m calling, paging, emailing, texting, IMing, DMing, Facetiming, Skyping, Hangouting, smoke signaling you right now Laura Nicole


Laura Mego

Ahhh pagers…


Lauren Hoff

Hair crimpers


Josh Ritenour

Jello Pudding Pops, John Hughes, Thundercats, He-Man, “We Are The World” Reunion… MTV music videos, Goonies, Garbage Pail Kids, Betamax, Max Headroom…


Brady Akers

Fashion-wise, I’d like to see a new slap bracelet revolution as well as fanny packs. They’re so useful but have such a negative stigma.
TV- Inspector Gadget, DinoRiders, GI Joe.


Danny King

MTV playing videos, Hair metal, big hair, Jennifer Grey’s old nose, boxy convertibles. Oh and movies where Russia is the enemy a la Red Dawn but not like the tragic remake Red Dawn


Josh Ritenour



Danny King

10835432_10102907337968349_557568277472389334_o 2


Josh Kan

Porch Drinking Slap Bracelets FTW! Also high white socks with two colored stripe bands at the top. Danny—yes!! Rocky IV!


Niel Stender

Pac Man cereal and Long Duck Dong


Drew Davis

Dunkaroos, Miami vice style, l.a. gear, hammer pants. Oh yeah, and the phrase “psyche!”. Also, this is already coming back in the form of barcades, but video arcades for sure. That’s my number 1


Colin Clancy

Ski Ballet.


Erin Petrey

Scrunchies. Shut up, Carrie Bradshaw!


Danny King

Omg. can we bring back 80s ski culture in general? More people in colorblocked neon jumpsuits skiing 220s with their knees locked together please.


Bryana Boone

BIG hair I’d have it on lock!


Jess Baker

Where top selling musicians come from soaps! Looking at you, Rick Springfield


Chelsea Mitchell

As the baby child of PorchDrinking who was born in the 90s, I can’t comment on fashion or TV but there is some music I want to make a comeback. Rick Springfield – yes. Phil Collins + any band he was in – yes. Journey – never again.


Brad Hartsock

I’d like to bring back my unawareness of American and global politics. Oh and Pee Wee’s Playhouse. That was dope.


Chris Day

A Cold War with Russia. Wait, never mind…


Kezia Ibarra

Big hair with the ever so flammable Aqua Net….so iconic


Josh Ritenour

Chelsea—Journey forever… and this:


Cory Pelc

Revenge of the Nerds!


Brady Akers



Carly Mento

In the world of fashion, at least: HUGE SHOULDER PADS. Enough with the skinny jeans, leggings, and bandou dresses. Bring back the volume, the shape, the variety!


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