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Roundtable Discussion | Holiday So Nice, Celebrate it Twice?

Roundtable Discussion | Holiday So Nice, Celebrate it Twice?
Amber Dunlap

Sunday was Easter and this week is Passover. A few week’s ago was St. Patty’s. There are holidays among us. So, in the spirit of celebrating, we asked the staff what pre-existing holiday they would grant a second day of celebration to and where they’d place the deserved repeat in the calendar year. Wouldn’t it be fun to celebrate your favorite holiday twice a year? Dream with us and share your response in the comments below.

Nathan Tapp

Summer vacation. It would go right after the other summer vacation ends. School year now starts in October.


Christopher Day

I’d like a second Halloween in the middle of summer.

Josh Ritenour

Another Independence Day, on the 5th of July, because America.

Niel Stender

National Cheeseburger Day. January 1st and 2nd because I’d be too excited to wait any longer than that.

Mike Zoller

Some random holiday between January 2 and Memorial Day. There’s really nothing off in between that stretch.

Danny King

I think a second labor day the Friday after tax day. Mike Zoller is right that we need a new day in between MLK and Memorial Day. If you do it a little later then the chances are better everyone gets a nice weather day. (I personally get like 4 days off between MLK and Memorial Day because my job makes up for crap pay with gratuitous amount of days off).

Desiree Duzich

I agree with Christopher Day! Dressing up in costume for Halloween is my favorite! So, why not celebrate it twice a year?!

Brady Akers

I’d have to go with Thanksgiving. Nothing like an entire 4-day weekend focused on family and food. It would be awesome to have a second Black Friday opportunity to get some Bourbon County releases, etc.

Justin Vicroy

I agree w/ Brady. Thanksgiving should be twice a year. Everyone loves a feast & we should be thankful for what we have more than just once a year. Oh and beer goes great with Thanksgiving, especially Belgian dark beers.

Kezia Ibarra

Definitely Thanksgiving. More time with friends, food and the ability to indulge in more beer

Brad Hartsock

Super Bowl Sunday and Monday so people could have the day off after the Super Bowl.

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