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Awesomesauce | App Happy

Awesomesauce | App Happy
Laura Mego

How do you manage the apps on your smartphone?

When I first approached this question, it seemed benign. Upon further conversation with others, I’ve learned that the question is anything but innocuous; in fact, it’s downright divisive. I’m talking “Hello, I’m a Mac. And I’m a PC” levels of loyalty here. While I’ve come to realize that there is no middle ground between the two camps (and that I’m, of course, some weird hybrid of the two; folders AND mutiple home screens for the win!) in my quest to discover which method is best, I’ve come across two of my new favorite time-wasters…I mean…apps.

BitMoji (from the folks who brought you BitStrips not too long ago) is the best keyboard add-on I’ve ever installed. Or at least the most entertaining one I’ve installed…I don’t get out much. You start by downloading the app and customizing your BitMoji avatar so it looks like you. We’re talking skin color, eye color, hair, etc. Then, add outfits, and the best accessories ever (monocle, anyone?) and add BitMoji as a keyboard in your phone’s OS. Now, you can send BitMoji images in your text messages as you please (fair warning, these come through as photo messages, so beware if you have an odd SMS plan!) They’re usually a picture of your avatar demonstrating the word illustrated (so, an avatar with hands folded in front of them to go along with the word “Please”) but the pop culture BitMojis are the best. Some newer addtions are the infamous Kim Kardashian champagne glass on the butt shot, left shark, and THE dress in both black/blue and white/gold options.

The REAL time waster of the last week or so for me, though, has been Dubsmash. The app records video of you on your smartphone, and dubs famous quotes over them. You can then either save the dubs to your phone or send them to your friends via Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or SMS. Sounds pretty lame until you realize that you’re one app download away from your own version of Anchorman (“F*ck you, San Diego) Flight Club (“The first rule about Fight Club is…) or the Most Interesting Man in the World Commercials (“I don’t always drink beer…) Ever since the demise of Relay (RIP, GIF messenger, you will be missed dearly…) there’s been a void in my-gooofy-things-to-send-over-SMS life, and this baby has filled it (for the time being.)

These are just a few of the apps tickling my fancy this week, but let me know if there are any others I should be scoping out in the comments section down below!

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