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Roundtable Discussion | Our Adorable Pets

Roundtable Discussion | Our Adorable Pets

Somedays the only thing that can lift you up is wasting copious amounts of time looking at cute animals. Here are some of our adorable pets to ease you toward the weekend.



Dustin Hall

Sydney is a Thirsty Dog.

dustin dog


Danny King

This is Georgia in a Sharknado costume for the Tompkins Square Park dog parade.

danny dog


Brad Hartsock

2 Fast 2 Fur-ious

brad dog


John Maguire

Everyone deserves a post-hike brew.

john m dog


Justin Vicroy

This is Mystic laying in her favorite spot outdoors.

justin dog


Stacey Goers

Scout being the hound that she is.

stacey dog


Carly Mento

It’s a doodle party! My two girls are on the right wearing pink hankies. ♡ Rosie & Daisy

carly dogs


Mike Zoller

I don’t have any pets…

mike monkey


Sue Black

SomeBuddyBear wants a burrito…

sue dog


Scott Hoffman

scott dog


Kate Stark

Everyone loves Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams.

kate pets


John Winters

This guy count?

john w baby


Mike Wronski

Doing his best impression of Frogger.

mike w dog


Spencer Mapes

My family’s dog Millie, and her first trip to MadTree Brewing Co.

spencer dog


Will Dozier

Here is our Doge, Genghis Kahn. He loves the Mexican Lager.

will dog


Chelsea Mitchell

This is Penny. She is the ruler of the world. She will fight all of your pets and babies…and WIN!

chelsea m cat


Cory Pelc

Fumi wants to rock and roll all night and sleep every day. Her KISS Makeup/Corpse Paint blends in with our couch pillows and I am afraid I will smash her one day. She is über chill though and would be fine with it if I gave her whalez bro.

cory dog


Desiree Duzich

#AbigailDuzich enough said.

des cat


Cory Pelc

Chelsea M, was your cat in Sabrina the Teenage Witch?!


Kate Stark

Chelsea M, while Penny looks pretty intimidating, Dinah is plain crazy.



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