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Ellie’s Brown Ale- Avery Brewing Co.

Ellie’s Brown Ale- Avery Brewing Co.
Betsy Schneider

ABV: 5.5%

Mmmm… Brown Ale. You had me at hello.

Brown Ale may or may not be the key to my heart. I do love most beers – yes- but I will never turn down something specifically classified as a “Brown Ale”.

This one by Avery Brewing Company is, to me, the epitome of delicious beer called Brown.  It’s smooth like velvet and tastes just like it should. The nutty tastes persist from beginning to end but the full floral flavors make it just sweet enough to make me smile.

I must confess, though, that I only chose Ellie’s Brown Ale because there is a dog on the label. The dog looks like my sister’s chocolate lab, Murphey Brown, the nicest guy in the all the town- so I thought it would be a solid choice. I learned that the dog’s name is Ellie and the beer is named after her. Neat! If I ever made a beer, I would name it after my dog, Pablo. But then it would need to be a Mexican recipe.  Enjoy!

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