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Avery Brewing Company | Ale to the Chief

Avery Brewing Company | Ale to the Chief
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ABV: 8.1%

If there is one issue our nation can come together on, it might just be the right to drink great beer. Avery Brewing Company has resurrected their Presidential Pale Ale from 2008 to commemorate this year’s heated race. This drink pours a regal golden color and tasters are hit with that initial hop bite. But that bitterness quickly mellows to a sweeter malty light finish.

While weighing in at 8.1% ABV, this apropos ale is extremely easy to drink. What better occasion to down copious amounts of it than tonight while you’re dialed in on 24/7 coverage? Not too too hoppy and not too wild means this is a nonpartisan brew that both parties can enjoy.

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