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Fossil Cove Brewing Co. | La Brea Brown

Fossil Cove Brewing Co. | La Brea Brown
Ross Larwood

Just like the weather, my palate is confused. Normally at this time of year I would like to be confidently making headway through my stash of last year’s stouts. When I wake up in the morning, I’d love for the house to be cold. I’d love for the last residue at the bottom of the dirty beer glasses on the counter to resemble motor oil. However, Mother Nature seems to be confused. Here in Arkansas we’ve barely had our first freeze and afternoon temps are still climbing in to the 70’s. I can’t make up my mind when paroozing the aisles of my liquor store or the taps at my favorite watering holes. The crisp and easy drinking/sessionable beers of the summer are long since in my rear view but I can’t bring myself to pull out the good stuff and dive headlong into stout season. The solution for a seasonally confused Arkansas beer drinker when you need something local to quench your thirst? Look no further than Fossil Cove Brewing Co.’s La Brea Brown Ale.

La Brea, just one of Fossil Cove’s year round offerings in cans, can almost certainly be found at any local liquor store or restaurant/bar that is craft beer conscious making it a perfect go-to. Like Fossil Cove’s other dino-inspired brews, the can art on the La Brea is sure to grab your attention and beg you to take a sip. The beer pours a gorgeous light brown with a bit of an amber tone when the light hits it just right. Immediately you’ll be greeted by a pleasant roasty aroma that opens up to notes of smooth caramel and a bit of spice that I can’t quite place. Fossil Cove’s Belgian hybrid approach to this brew becomes apparent once you get your first mouthful. Like you might expect from a brown ale, the predominant flavors are nutty but backed up by the Belgian yeast character and some nice dark chocolaty bitterness. The mouthfeel and body is light enough that even though the color and bolder flavors might satiate your winter brew cravings, this beer isn’t overwhelmingly filling or rich making it easy to enjoy more than one… which you’ll want to do.

It’s no surprise that this beer is as delicious as it is. Fossil Cove’s expertise with Belgian styles subtly makes this beer one of a kind. The La Brea Brown was one of the first craft beer staples in Fayetteville and given its reputation locally, it’s surely here to stay.

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