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Boiler Brewing Company | Hawaiian Trifecta

Boiler Brewing Company | Hawaiian Trifecta
Lori Kitzing

Coffee, chocolate, or coconut stouts are wonderful things in and of themselves. But in the hands of Boiler Brewing Company, these three big flavors combine to create one winning Stout: the Hawaiian Trifecta.

Founded in 2015 in Lincoln, Nebraska, Boiler Brewing Company has brewed Hawaiian Trifecta since 2016. At 6% ABV, this Stout is made with lactose, then conditioned on toasted coconut flakes, cacao nibs, and coffee. The artisanal cacao nibs come from a local company, Just The Nib, which specializes in responsibly-sourced chocolate products for brewers, while a craft coffee roaster a block from the brewery, The Mill, supplies the coffee.

This dark (nearly black) Stout pours with a tall tan head that clings to the glass. Leave it to Boiler’s Brewmaster, Tim Thomssen, to describe it best: “With this particular beer, there’s some flavor separation by nature of the ingredients. The coffee aroma invites you in for a sip where you are met with creamy coconut flavor that gives way to a chocolate finish.”

Just how did Boiler Brewing manage to get these three big, bold flavors to work together? The flavors are not muddled together or overpowering. The key is balance. “We’ve figured out how to get the flavor balance right on this beer by getting it wrong a bunch of times first,” said Thomssen. “We are never satisfied, we keep on tweaking things, always looking for improvement.”

Boiler Brewing does not distribute its beer, so when Nebraska’s governor started placing restrictions on taprooms in response to COVID-19, the brewery got creative. In fact, they may have been the first brewery in Nebraska to set up “direct to consumer” beer delivery. Curbside pick up for crowler sales is also available via an online ordering system.

And if you are a fan of barrel aged beer, here is some good news from Boiler’s Thomssen: “Since beer production has slowed down a bit, we’ve taken it as an opportunity to expand our barrel cellar. We think we can about double our barrel-aging capacity, so we’ve been brewing a bunch of giant stouts to fill all those new barrels.”

If you’re looking for a way to support Nebraska independent beer during this time, grab a crowler of the long-loved Hawaiian Trifecta at Boiler Brewing. And remember these words from Thomseen himself: “Beer lovers can support the breweries they love by continuing to purchase and drink the beer. We’ll make more.”

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