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Moab Brewery | Squeaky Bike Nut Brown Ale

Moab Brewery | Squeaky Bike Nut Brown Ale

4% ABV

Halfway through today’s 16-mile mountain bike ride in the 95 degree heat of the Moab desert, I looked down to check my water bottles; things were definitely half empty. I looked in vain for a tree or rock that might offer a bit of shade for a short rest, and I told my friends, Charlie and Stacia, “I $%&#ing hate mountain biking.”

Biking can be the sort of fun that is miserable at times when you’re in the midst of it, but now, a few hours, cold bottles of water, and frazil slushies later, I told my friends, “I $#@!ing love mountain biking.”

No matter how agonizing the ride, a day of riding is best ended by hanging out with good friends and drinking good beer. For this post-ride libation we’ve chosen Squeaky Bike Nut Brown Ale from Moab Brewery. This malty, nutty, roasty ale is full of flavor while maintaining an excellent balance. Of all of Moab’s beers, this is the one to sip and savor.

Here’s a cheers to sore legs, arms, and taints, to ridiculous glove, sock, and racerback sunburn lines, and to some damned good Utah beer.

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