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PorchDrinking Best of 2015 | Our Favorite Movies

PorchDrinking Best of 2015 | Our Favorite Movies
Scott Hoffman

We have again gathered our PorchDrinking staff to make a list of our favorite movies of 2015. This list was a slight surprise, and I think the number one would have likely been different if it had been released two weeks earlier, but I digress. Here are the top 5 movies as selected by the staff of PorchDrinking. Enjoy!

5. Ex Machina

Rotten Tomatoes 92%; Metacritic 78%; IMDB 7.7/10
“I told you you were wasting your time talking to her. However, you would not be wasting your time if you were dancing with her”

Drop the beat.

4. Inside Out

Rotten Tomatoes 98%Metacritic 94%IMDB 8.3/10

Another Pixar movie, another beloved animated feature. They cannot be stopped. Well, unless it’s a dinosaur movie, apparently.

3. The Martian

Rotten Tomatoes 93%Metacritic 80%IMDB 8.1/10
That one where Matt Damon gets left behind on Mars. Probably the perfect book for Ridley Scott to adapt, and I was genuinely pleased to see him and Damon bring out the best in each other.

2. Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

Rotten Tomatoes 94%Metacritic 81%IMDB 8.5/10
Look, I’ll admit it. I’ve never been a huge Star Wars fan (we have enough of those on the PD staff). But this was an incredibly fun movie. The cast was phenomenal, and Abrams managed to bring a sense of wonder to the screen I figured had been forever lost in the Star Wars universe after the prequels were released.

1. Mad Max: Fury Road

Rotten Tomatoes 97%Metacritic 89%IMDB 8.2/10
Mad Max really had no business succeeding. This was a franchise that had been left for dead after more than a decade of attempts to reboot it. Using very little dialogue and a good deal of practical effects along with a surprising amount of social commentary. the movie ended up being all anyone could talk about for several months. It even managed to take some of the thunder away from the much more hyped Age of Ultron.

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