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About- Scott Hoffman

Scott Hoffman

Scott Hoffman

Made my way over to Denver from Chicago 3 years ago, but I'm still a Chicagoan at heart. You can typically find me cheering on the White Sox and Bears from 1k miles away while simultaneously judging Denver's attempts to make a decent deep dish pizza.

Posts By Scott Hoffman

PorchDrinking Best of 2015 | Our Favorite Movies

January 7, 2016 | 1

We have again gathered our PorchDrinking staff to make a list of our favorite movies of 2015. This list was a slight surprise, and I think the number one would have likely been different if it had been released two weeks earlier, but I digress. Here are the top 5 movies as selected by the staff of PorchDrinking. Enjoy! Read More

PorchDrinking Best of 2015: Our Favorite Songs

January 6, 2016 |

Congratulations! You survived New Years Eve, drank all of the champagne, and (hopefully) recovered from the hangover. Now as we stumble back into the work week (sigh), we wanted to offer up an excellent distraction and a comprehensive look back on the best of 2015.

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PorchDrinking Playlist | Christmas Decorating Inspiration

December 2, 2014 |

Yeah, we get that it’s a bit early for a full Christmas playlist, but we also get that you probably need a bit of inspiration for your holiday decorating. So here’s something to play while you set up the tree and try desperately not to fall off the roof of your house. We’ve included a variety of tracks from Sufjan Stevens, Run DMC and Bruce Springsteen. Ideally you’ll be the cool folks playing the amazing Christmas playlist for the rest of the month. Read More

Russian River Brewing | Blind Pig IPA

November 7, 2014 |

ABV: 6.1%
IBU: 70

Bear with me, folks. I’m going to take the scenic route to my beer showcase today. And the route goes through bourbon country.

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PorchDrinking Playlist | Halloween Music (Spooky Scary Edition)

October 28, 2014 |

Whether you’ll be throwing a mid-week party or just need some entertainment while warding off pre-teens intent on egging your house, we’ve set up the perfect playlist of Halloween music for you. Ranging from DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince’s A Nightmare On My Street to Psycho Killer by the Talking Heads, our playlist covers just about every genre of music we could fit into a 2 hour run-time. Enjoy! Read More

PorchDrinking Playlist | Bonnaroo Edition

June 12, 2014 |

Even if you won’t be joining us in Manchester, TN this weekend, you can still enjoy the amazing lineup via our Bonnaroo playlist. We’ve pulled together the best of the best from this years lineup. Enjoy, and let us know what you’re looking forward to most this weekend in the comments!

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The Ultimate 6er | Bonnaroo Edition

June 11, 2014 |

So you’re on your way to Bonnaroo, and you’ve been tasked with the ever-important beer run. Do you just go with the cheapest options available that will likely make you hate life itself by the end of the weekend, or do you get creative? Obviously, PorchDrinking prefers the creative option.

Included below are 6 canned beers that you can purchase in Tennessee. If you’re traveling by car from another state, the options become more plentiful, but we’ll keep it restricted to Bonnaroo’s home state.

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PorchDrinking Playlist | Reliving May 2014

June 3, 2014 |

Each month, we wade through the glut of new music releases to bring you the best of the best in a PorchDrinking Playlist. May 2014 saw the release of new … Read More

PorchDrinking Playlist | April 2014 New Music

May 6, 2014 |

Happy Spring, folks! We’re back with our most recent monthly playlist installment, bringing you all of the new music you may have missed. This past month saw new releases from Jack White, Cloud Nothings, Pains Of Being Pure At Heart and Mastodon. Take a trip out to the park and enjoy some tunes!

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PorchDrinking Playlist | March 2014 New Music

April 1, 2014 |

March was a helluva month. Not only did we see some intense drama during the NCAA Tourney and the MLB Opening Day extravaganza, but there were also some huge artists … Read More

PorchDrinking Playlist | February 2014 Playlist

March 4, 2014 |

We are pretty much locked-in to the winter doldrums at this point, so hopefully some new music will put a little pep in your step. Luckily, February was a big … Read More

PorchDrinking Playlist January 2014

February 4, 2014 | 1

Still working your way through 2013 music? We make it easy for you to catch-up with the releases from the first month of 2014 with this handy playlist! Highlights include … Read More’s Best Movies of 2013

January 14, 2014 |

Let’s keep this going, shall we? On the heals of our Best Songs post, here are our selections for the Best Movies of 2013. We’ve asked several PD writers to provide their top 5 of last year along with a brief explanation. Enjoy! As always, please leave your own lists in the comment section below.

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PorchDrinking Playlist: Best of 2013

January 7, 2014 |

Are you sick of “best of” lists yet? We sure hope not. We gathered together several PD contributors to get their thoughts on the 5 best songs they heard in 2013, and we even put it all in a convenient playlist. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Read More

12 Beers of Christmas | Day 9: Sam Adams’ Winter Lager

December 22, 2013 | 2

Style: Bock

ABV: 5.6%

There’s nothing more horrifying than the disgusted look on your guests faces as they try a beer that you’re particularly enamored with. Ever have a time when your family wasn’t quite that impressed with the girl/guy you brought home for the first time? Yeah, it’s kind of like that. You go in thinking you’ll be the life of the party, but end up rationalizing your decision to bring that 8-9% sour to a group of Keystone drinkers.* Read More

PorchDrinking Playlist: November 2013

December 3, 2013 |

Tis the season for greatest hits, star-packed movie soundtracks and strange collaborations! November was chalk full of all three – A Perfect Circle (via a greatest “hits” release) joins tunes … Read More

New Belgium Brewing Company: 2 Below

December 3, 2013 | 2

ABV: 6.6%

IBU: 32

I don’t like to shop. I need to have a carrot dangled in front of me in order to even get in a car and head in the general direction of a mall or department store. Typically that carrot is beer. Do I get to get to go to a liquor store? Fantastic. A good liquor store? Even better. Target doesn’t qualify as a good liquor store, or even a liquor store, but it has an aisle that I can wander and at least acts as a distraction from the buzzing overhead lighting and constant eyeball assault of red and happy imagery. We made this trip recently, and I was lured with the promise of a new coffee maker and beer. This is the way to my heart, friends.

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PorchDrinking Playlist: October 2013

November 5, 2013 |

October was a really fantastic month for new music. We’re bringing you the highlights in our new PorchDrinking Playlist—everything from Miley (hate on her all you want, but try to get Wrecking Ball out of your head) to new songs from Arcade Fire and The Avett Brothers. Also included are a couple tracks from the recently departed Lou Reed, one of the greatest musicians of arguably the greatest era.

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Colorado Flood Relief Fundraiser at Star Bar Denver

September 17, 2013 |

While we try to showcase beers and events from across the country, PorchDrinking is a Colorado-based blog first and foremost. The devastation from last week’s rain and subsequent flooding has … Read More

PorchDrinking Interview: Pipeworks Brewing

August 19, 2013 |

Despite only being open for about a year and a half, Pipeworks Brewing out of Chicago, IL has been making huge waves in the craft beer community. Unique and complex beers … Read More