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About- Scott Hoffman

Scott Hoffman

Scott Hoffman

Made my way over to Denver from Chicago 3 years ago, but I'm still a Chicagoan at heart. You can typically find me cheering on the White Sox and Bears from 1k miles away while simultaneously judging Denver's attempts to make a decent deep dish pizza.

Posts By Scott Hoffman

PorchDrinking the Playlist: November 2012 Recap

December 4, 2012 |


Even relative “down” months in terms of music releases still produce some pretty amazing songs. Our November 2012 Playlist features tracks from Punch Brothers, The Shins, Jason Isbell and … Read More

Goose Island: In Memoriam

November 28, 2012 | 4

Goose Island was the first true craft beer I ever tried. It was a well-respected and widely available brand throughout the Chicago area, so it only made sense. 312 (named after the area code in which it was originally brewed) quickly became one of the first beers I would recommend to folks who aren’t traditionally fans of beer, or are looking to expand beyond the typical Bud or Miller products. Similar to most wheat beers, 312 is easy to drink and lacks the hoppy or malty impact of heavier beers. It’s not a great beer – it’s a great beginner’s beer.

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PorchDrinking the Playlist: October 2012 Recap

November 13, 2012 |
We’re back with our October 2012 Playlist, featuring the best songs either released on albums or as singles in the month of October. Highlights include rawk (!) with The Sword and a new single from Local Natives.

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One Minute Beer Review | Amstel Light

November 10, 2012 |

Amstel Light – the import equivalent of Michelob Ultra. For rich people. Men’s Health magazine recently advocated drinking Amstel Light if you’re trying to cut the calories while training. Read More

PorchDrinking’s GABF Dining Guide

October 9, 2012 |

Whether it’s your first time in Denver or you’re hosting friends from out of town, it’s not easy choosing from the bevy of amazing dining options available. We’re here to help. Continuing our Great American Beer Festival Preview, here’s our picks for the best food in Denver. There’s no shortage of options available, but we chose to highlight the top 5 spots for each category below.

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Oskar Blues Brewing Company | Longmont, CO

October 9, 2012 |

I mentioned in a previous article that Wynkoop Brewery is essentially the antithesis of what people expect of a microbrewery. Large, sometimes cavernous confines that house much more than just a bar and gathering area. Well, if Wynkoop is on one edge of the spectrum, Oskar Blues Brewery is on the other. Read More

PorchDrinking the Playlist: September 2012 Recap

October 2, 2012 |

There were plenty of amazing releases in the month of September. Avett Brothers, Mumford & Sons, Kanye (kind of?) and Grizzly Bear each debuted new albums. So sit back, relax and enjoy the soothing update to our PorchDrinking monthly playlist.
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Wynkoop Brewing Company- Denver, CO

October 1, 2012 |

This is where it all started, folks. Colorado’s esteemed governor, John Hickenlooper, helped plant the seed for what would eventually turn Denver into one of the top beer towns in the world at Wynkoop Brewing Company. Not only is Wynkoop celebrated as Denver’s first microbrewery/brewpub, it was also the first to utilize the long dormant factories peppering the city’s current downtown area. Before Coors Field and before LoDo turned into the weekend destination for locals, there was Wynkoop.
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Inaugural Avery IPA Festival Recap

September 17, 2012 |

Here’s the challenging aspect of taking notes while drinking—the more you drink, the more incomprehensible and terse your notes become. You start out detailed, taking into account every distinct characteristic. After several beers, the notes become more brief. Maybe they’ll just list your first impression, if you’re lucky. Several beers later, you’re fortunate to have a listing of the beer you’ve tried. Read More

Beervana: Portland, OR (Part 2)

September 12, 2012 |

Oregon Brewers Festival (OBF from here on out): So let’s first go over some of the logistics of OBF.  As I said in my previous post, there were about 80 or so breweries present, and it’s all outdoors. Unlike other beer fests, you also choose how much beer you get at each booth. Do you only want a sample? That’ll be one token. A full mug of beer? Four tokens. It’s really a beautiful system. Read More

Beervana: Portland, OR (Part 1)

September 6, 2012 |

“I gave up clowning years ago.”

“Well in Portland, you don’t have to.”

Easy intro, I know. But here’s the thing—Portland is that hipster. This isn’t a knock against the city. I love Portland. Fantastic public transit, fantastic food, and the beer … my God, the beer. But yes, it’s a very hipster city. More so than Denver. More so than even Boulder. The house we rented on the east side of the city was actually called the “Urban Cabin.” Placard and everything. Read More

Ultimate 6er Recipes for Cooking with Beer

September 5, 2012 |

I grew up watching my dad pour beer over pretty much every single type of meat you can think of before throwing it on the grill. The funny thing about this technique is that it can make even the worst tasting beer into a valuable component of your meal. My dad would only really use cheap beer—Budweiser, Coors, Olympia—so I followed suit. It wasn’t until I left college that I started incorporating better beers into my cooking. It wasn’t just for grilling anymore—stews, chili and other random recipes were enhanced by introducing beer. Read More

Top Songs of August Playlist

September 4, 2012 |

Welcome to September, folks. Football, cooler weather and an end to pool days. To celebrate the month that was, here’s our PorchDrinking August 2012 playlist. Read More

The Joys of Summit Drinking

August 15, 2012 |

“How long did it take you to acclimate to the thin air?” Coloradans hear this from visitors, from bands we catch at Red Rocks, and from people who have lived … Read More

PorchDrinking the Playlist: July 2012 Recap

August 7, 2012 |

Today we introduce our new weekly installment to the site: The PorchDrinking Playlist. This recurring post will feature a playlist to help aid in your porch drinking sessions. Some will … Read More

Russian River – Row 2, Hill 56 – The Story of Simcoe

August 2, 2012 |

Row 2, Hill 56 – Russian River Brewery, Santa Rosa, CA

ABV: 5.8%

IBU: 40

Russian River is my definitive brewery. We all have one. Do you love everything … Read More

Ultimate 6er for a Visit From the In-Laws

July 25, 2012 |

So your in-laws are coming into town. Not the worst thing in the world, right? Let’s just assume you love your in-laws. There’s still a 99% chance you will be abandoning all … Read More

Ommegang – Three Philosophers

July 24, 2012 |

Three Philosophers – Brewery Ommegang, Cooperstown, NY

ABV: 9.8%

Dear fruit beer,

Look, we’ve had a good run. When I was 21, you were my first. Now that I’m older, I … Read More

Big Hurt Beer

July 16, 2012 |

Big Hurt Beer –  Minhas Craft Brewery, Monroe, WI

ABV: 7.0%

Walking past a random grocery store in Chicago last November, I caught a glimpse of Frank Thomas, looming … Read More

Top 5 Drinking Games

July 1, 2012 |

No, not beer pong or flip-cup. These are the top 5 video games for drinking with a group of friends.

  • Rock Band – The game for people who don’t … Read More