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The PorchCast | Episode 18 Chad Melis – Oskar Blues Brewery

Porchcast Podcast

This weekend, our team sat down with Chad Melis, all around Marketing Guy at Oskar Blues Brewery to breakdown Oskar Blues Holding Corps’ acquisition of Cigar City Brewery, the real role of Fireman Capital, and how similar ideologies served as the crux for the deal. We also touched on Oskar Blues’ anti-corporate culture, their rampant growth, what’s next on the horizon, and several new brewery expansions from some of the country’s best rising stars.

We’ve been asked several times about the role of Fireman Capital in the Cigar City acquisition, and Chad explained it perfectly in an additional quote.

“If you go and buy a house, you’re not going to parade around your banker to explain who lent you the money,” explained Chad Melis on the role of Fireman Capital. “When you’re purchasing a brewery, you’re going to financial assistance coming from somewhere to help fund that acquisition.”

Oskar Blues Beerito
Oskar Blues Beerito perched atop Oskar Blues Brewery’s ever growing barrel room.

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