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PorchDrinking Playlist | Fuzzy Sock Moonwalk

PorchDrinking Playlist | Fuzzy Sock Moonwalk
Sarah Boisen

As I approached mile 3,000 on my seemingly never ending cross-county road trip, the novelty of bumping to an infinite playlist of my favorite sounds had sadly worn off. Just as mesmerizing mountains gave way to an endless expanse of less than captivating flatness, my treasured playlist suddenly found itself back to ‘Track 1’ … for about the 20th time. I quickly realized two things: one, that I had zero cell service and two, that I had made a huge rookie mistake in thinking that I could solely rely on a single playlist, no matter how fantastic, to get me across the country.

As a result, I found myself with countless hours spent trying to keep my mind occupied and focused on some alternative things that bring me happiness. Despite cruising through the sweltering heat of the Midwest, the first things that popped to mind were fuzzy socks (could fall be near?), dancing and of course, beer.

Fuse the three (but save beer for after the drive) and you get the perfect combination and the perfect playlist inspiration. In my opinion, what better a dance to do in fuzzy socks than the moonwalk? In a nod to the grooviest of them all, the late Michael Jackson, I give to you: Fuzzy Sock Moonwalk. The open road works wonders on the mind…

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