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Ultimate 6er | The Simpsons

Ultimate 6er | The Simpsons
Mike Zoller

Since 1989 The Simpson family has been a mainstay on American television. It is the longest running animated show, sitcom and most recently primetime scripted series. The family of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie and Grampa are the most beloved family on TV today.

For this Ultimate 6er, each family member was paired with a specifically chosen beer.

Homer Simpson

Duff Beer

No brainer right? You’re also probably wondering if there is really a Duff beer. The answer is kind of. While Duff is a fictional beer and Homer’s go-to choice when he drinks, several breweries around the world have knocked off the beer and made their version of Duff.

There are many lawsuits between 20th Century Fox and the breweries that create Duff, but that hasn’t stopped breweries from trying. Beers called Duff have been brewed in the United States, Germany, Australia, Mexico and France. The most successful one was the Mexican Duff that has been brewed since 2006.

It hasn’t come under a lot of legal issues since Mexican intellectual property law allowed the brewery to register the Duff trademark. I’m not in the legal industry so I won’t go into much more detail but the point is that Duff beer does exist in Mexico.

In the show, Duff is your run-of-the-mill lager. It’s mean to parody Budweiser, but the Mexican Duff is actually a pilsner.

Marge Simpson

SweetWater Blue | SweetWater Brewing Co.

Marge’s trademark is her tall blue hair, which she does dye by the way. A blueberry beer seemed to be the perfect beer to pair with the maternal figure of the Simpson family.

Sweetwater Blue is a year-round wheat beer that is infused with blueberries. You get a blast of blueberries on the aroma but the taste is much more balanced between the hops and the fruit.

Bart Simpson

Rebel IPA | Boston Beer Co. (Samuel Adams)

Bart is the rebel, hell-raising oldest son of Marge and Homer. He’s definitely not sweet and can be bitter at times. An IPA is the perfect beer to pair with him.

He doesn’t follow the rules and today in the IPA world, there really aren’t any rules. Whether it’s bitter, juicy/fruity, hazy or you throw the most ridiculous ingredients into them – it doesn’t matter. It’s anarchy in the craft beer world when it comes to IPAs and that’s how Bart would want it.

Lisa Simpson

Pineapple Bling | Pipeworks Brewing Co.

Thanks to Lisa’s hair, people sometimes mistake her for a pineapple. During the craziness of the hurricane she was a pineapple that was “plenty ripe.”

Pineapple Bling from Pipeworks in Chicago is a Belgian strong ale with loads of pineapple. The beer pours a straw-like yellow similar to the flesh of the fruit. On the nose you’re going to be hit with a ton of pineapple. This beer doesn’t try to hide what it’s made of. It’s not overly tropical because of the Belgian style.

The fruitiness on the smell doesn’t translate to the taste as it’s more balanced and the malt flavor comes in nicely when you taste the beer.

Maggie Simpson

Born Yesterday | Lagunitas Brewing Co.

The baby of the family, Born Yesterday seems to make a lot of sense for Maggie. While she wasn’t actually born yesterday, despite being on the air for nearly 30 years, Maggie is still the same baby she was back in 1989.

Born Yesterday is unique because it’s bottled and shipped from Lagunitas on the same day. It’s the freshest IPA that is being offered from a large craft brewer today. The only way to get a beer fresher is to go to a tap room and get it there.

I love Born Yesterday because it’s such a fresh and crisp pale ale. The citrus, tropical notes are so pronounced because of the freshness. It’s not an overly bitter beer at all and drinks incredibly smooth. It’s not available all the time so when I can get one or two I always take advantage.

Grampa Simpson

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale | Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

Grampa is the wise old patriarch of the family. He’s been around forever and is always called upon for sage advice. Isn’t that Sierra Nevada in a nutshell?

It’s one of the oldest craft breweries in the United States and they have been producing solid beer since 1979. Their pale ale is a staple in any beer section of a grocery store or any beer shop. It’s typically rated as one of the most consistent beers on the market today.

If you talk to brewers today in the craft beer world, they’ll tell you that one of the first craft beers they ever tried was from Sierra Nevada. It was because of those beers that they first got interested in craft beer.

As Grampa is responsible for Homer’s creation, we can thank Sierra Nevada for a lot of the smaller craft breweries we have today.

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