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The Only Memes I Can Tolerate Are Star Wars Memes

The Only Memes I Can Tolerate Are Star Wars Memes
Drew Troller

I’m a bad millennial. I don’t like avocado toast (or avocados in general). I pay for a monthly cable subscription. I’ve never once posted an Instagram Story. But of all the millennial crazes, the thing that makes me feel oldest is the ubiquity of memes. For geezers like me who don’t really “get” it… I’ve gleaned that memes are really just shared jokes on the internet, usually involving superimposing a caption onto a viral-worthy image or video.

Have you ever seen any of these pictures? They’re the basis for memes. And when someone starts a tweet with “TFW…” accompanied by a picture, they’re making a meme (TFW stands for “that feel when…” because grammar is apparently dead and I wasted my time in college getting a degree in English).

In general, I think memes are silly, often unfunny, and lacking in originality. They’re a way for people to feel like they’re contributing to culture, rather than just consuming it. To what degree one more riff on a photo counts as “culture” is a debate for another forum; suffice it to say I’m in the killjoy category on this one.

But there’s one way to pique my interest in just about anything: Star Wars. I’m such a weird Star Wars zealot that I’ve even considered doing a Star Wars-themed half marathon… and I hate running. So I can get on board with Star Wars memes, even if I only sorta-kinda understand them.

I have no idea if this is the right forum for Star Wars memes. You can feel free to steal them and change the captions, because odds are you’re better at it than I am. But “The Last Jedi” comes out in 2 weeks, and my hype is getting pretty intense. So enjoy these Star Wars memes, and may the force be with you.

Distracted Anakin

Okay, so I think the joke with this one is that you’re supposed to show someone who strays from the person or thing they’re supposed to be loyal to. Right?

Dancing Hot Dog on Crait

The most popular Snapchat filter this year was the dancing hot dog. If you don’t know what a Snapchat filter is, I’m not really sure memes are going to make sense to you. But he’d fit right in with that behind-the-scenes footage of Daisy Ridley and John Boyega dancing on the Crait set.

Me Trying to Explain Why Ben Solo Is Secretly a Good Guy

The Pepe Silvia episode of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” became a meme this year – a way to represent a complicated web of conspiracy theories. And there are some crazy theories out there about what’s up with Kylo Ren.

Trump Draws

You don’t have to have a political stance to laugh at the Trump Draws meme, where executive orders get animated with the most inane thoughts of POTUS. And everyone can agree on one thing: Porgs are cute. Note: Normally these are animated, but I don’t know how to do that. Like I said… I’m a bad millennial.

The Orb

This image was funny on its face right away when Trump went on his first trip abroad. The comparisons were obvious.

Meryl Yelling

We need answers.

Rian Johnson as Pennywise

After “IT” became a box office hit this year, people started making memes of what Pennywise the Clown could say to get them into the sewer. For me, it’s pretty obvious.

This Year in a Nutshell

We’ve all had kind of a rough year this year. I know we’ll find out soon what Luke Skywalker has been through, but it can’t be that much worse than living through 2017. After all, Luke doesn’t have to put up with memes.

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