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The Only Memes I Can Tolerate Are Star Wars Memes

November 30, 2017 | Avg. Reading Time: 3 min

I’m a bad millennial. I don’t like avocado toast (or avocados in general). I pay for a monthly cable subscription. I’ve never once posted an Instagram Story. But of all the millennial crazes, the thing that makes me feel oldest is the ubiquity of memes. For geezers like me who don’t really “get” it… I’ve gleaned that memes are really just shared jokes on the internet, usually involving superimposing a caption onto a viral-worthy image or video.

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Awesomesauce- The Olympics

February 13, 2014 |

I may be a bit biased with this one, because Iím OBSESSED with the Olympics.† I mean, hum along to the Olympic Fanfare every time they play it on the TV until my husband stares at me like Iím nuts, … Read More

Welcome to the InterNEAT! Volume 15

December 10, 2013 |

Happy final two weeks till Santaís big journey! I hope your last second shopping goes well. Maybe youíll find what you need at JC Penney!?!?!

  LOLZ! Letís get started with this weekís Welcome to the InterNEAT selection!

5. Itís … Read More

Roundtable Discussion | Favorite Internet Animals

September 4, 2013 | 3 Avg. Reading Time: 1 min

We’re so excited to have Alex Cadice rounding up the most entertaining online items each week in InterNEATóso excited in fact, that we decided to do a roundup of our own.

Here are our staffer’s favorite Internet animals! (Click the images to visit the site they came from. We can’t post all the good ones here, but we can link you to them for hours of entertainment.) Read More

Bad Luck Brian: Over Night Internet Celebrity

March 11, 2013 | Avg. Reading Time: 4 min

The world that we live in today is often referred to as “The Information Era.” †Just 50 years ago the first computers were the size of a house, phones were attached by cords, and mail was written by hand. With technology advancing so rapidly, it’s crazy to think about all the technological breakthroughs I have experienced. I remember being introduced to dial-up internet, to my dad’s sweet car phone that was the size of a brick, and to Gameboy’s that allowed me to take my video games everywhere. Now we have laptops, iPads, iPods, smart phones, and thank god, the internet. †It’s amazing how far technology has come. According to inventor and author, Ray Kurzweil, “A kid in Africa with a smart phone has more access to information than the U.S. president had 15 years ago.” To save you a Google search, that president was Bill Clinton. And if smart phones were around back then, we probably would of found out about Monica Lewinsky a lot sooner.† Read More