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PorchDrinking Playlist

Beer and Music. Let’s have a good time.

PorchDrinking Playlist – Labor Free Labor Day Playlist

August 27, 2013 |

Kick back and enjoy the last holiday of summer. It’s been a fantastic summer for music and I’ve compiled a labor day playlist for your day off. You’ve worked hard so don’t stress, kick back, relax and crank up the tunes.  But hey don’t get ahead of yourself either, we have a while before the next 3 day weekend.

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PorchDrinking Playlist: All In Playlist

August 20, 2013 |

All aboard the A-Train, this is an All In Playlist to end all playlists. Alright, the jig is up this playlist all about… well… all things everything.  Over the next few months, we’ll occasionally feature playlists that center around specific words or phrases and today we kick off a playlist based on the word “all”.  With only a few weeks left in the summer, now’s your time to go ALL IN! Enjoy!

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PorchDrinking Playlist: Brothers Playlist

August 13, 2013 |

Whether they’re loving, protective, annoying or all of the above, brothers are still family, and as the Avett Brothers so eloquently stated, “Always remember there was nothing worth sharing like the love that let us share our names.” Here’s a brothers playlist for those with whom we share our names.

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PorchDrinking Playlist: July 2013

August 6, 2013 |

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but summer is almost over. So thank God for new music, right? July2013 brought us a new contender for “song of the summer” with the Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake collaboration, Holy Grail. Other new releases included The Civil Wars, Franz Ferdinand and a new single from Pearl Jam. Enjoy the waning days of summer with this brand-spanking new PorchDrinking playlist!

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PorchDrinking Playlist | Summer Music Festivals

July 30, 2013 |

Throughout the land, kids, parents, adults (and the rest of us) are coming to terms that summer is more than half over. Don’t despair, my friends, we still have plenty of sunshine and good times to go around. In today’s PD Playlist, I will be sharing some of my favorite artists from this year’s summer music festivals (Coachella, Xponential, Americanarama) that overlap and will also be gracing the presence of some 100,000 dancing maniacs this weekend in Chicago at Lollapalooza.

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PorchDrinking Playlist: Underrated Bands

July 23, 2013 |

Finding great music can be daunting.  But even more daunting is for great artists to break through the clutter and really find traction on the airwaves.  While sifting through my musical libraries for this list of underrated bands, I realized that I first started listening to most of these in college.  I’m not sure if that means I had awesome musical tastes in college or awful musical tastes, I choose to believe the prior.

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PorchDrinking Playlist: Summer Time Fun

July 16, 2013 |

We at PorchDrinking hope you are having a fantastic summer. If you’re not, what better way to quickly improve it than with another playlist? If you are, well then here’s … Read More

PorchDrinking Playlist: June 2013

July 9, 2013 |

We’re back with your official welcome to summer. For this month, we’ve included new tracks released in the month of June by The Civil Wars, Kanye West, Nine Inch Nails and Smith Westerns. Take this playlist and go to the beach or go up in the mountains—just get outside!

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PorchDrinking Playlist Songs for Every Month

June 18, 2013 |

Admittedly this playlist has absolutely nothing to do with Father’s Day or summer or anything for that matter.  But instead of trying to make some far fetched correlation to how the summer months move too quickly and how the seasons change blah blah blah, just enjoy a playlist with songs for every month.  And yes, March’s song is by the Ides of March… deal with it.

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PD Playlist: What You Should Be Listening To – Summer 2013

June 11, 2013 | 1

I tend to approach music as I do with beer in that I love dissecting, collecting and consuming it by the loads. Luckily when I awake hazily from that dual mass consumption my musical journey affords me the perfect chill tunes to help nurse my hangover. But my approach to music is also similar to that with beer in that I don’t consider myself a snob but rather a fan who loves sharing the joys of discovering great new finds.  So please don’t misconstrue this the title of this playlist as snobbery.  However here’s what you should be listening to during the summer of 2013.

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May 2013 PorchDrinking Playlist

June 4, 2013 |

Hello again, PorchDrinkers! We’re bringing you the best of May 2013, which featured the return of The Lonely Island and a pre-prison single release from Lauryn Hill (remember her?). There’s … Read More

PorchDrinking Playlist: Summer Road Trip Playlist

May 21, 2013 |

Nothing is better than rolling down the back roads with the windows rolled down discovering new locations and taking in the sights and sounds of nature while enjoying the ride to your destination.  This summer road trip playlist goes out to those relaxed trips.  Hopefully this will serve as the perfect soundtrack to your next adventure on the open road.

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PorchDrinking Playlist April 2013 Playlist

May 7, 2013 |

Summer is almost here! Finally (hopefully) done with the winter weather, we can finally turn our attention to the finer things in life – biking, park drinking and outdoor concerts. … Read More

PorchDrinking Playlist: Kentucky Derby Playlist

April 30, 2013 |

The first Saturday in May is one of my favorite days of the year.  The pageantry, the roses, the horses, the bourbon. Coming from the heart of horse country, the Derby has alway had a special place in my heart.  So to help commemorate the 139th run for the roses I decided to put together a Kentucky Derby Playlist paying homage to my home state.  And they’re OFF!

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PorchDrinking Playlist: Singing in the Rain Playlist

April 16, 2013 |

Apparently April showers bring May flowers. Colorado hasn’t gotten the memo with several inches of snow falling over the past two weeks.  But regardless, here’s to hoping the weather warms up and we at least see some rain instead of this unrelenting winter weather.  A rain playlist to help on those bundled up indoor spring days.

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PorchDrinking Playlist March 2013 Playlist

April 9, 2013 |

Hoppy April! Let’s relive the best of March 2013, which included two of my early “best songs of 2013” selections (Heart Beats and Ride On/Right On).


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PorchDrinking Playlist: Best New Indie Playlist

April 1, 2013 | 1

When it comes to music, it’s all about finding the latest greatest tunes to share and impress your friends with.  Over the past year we’ve done a pretty good job of finding some hidden gems, but this is probably the best compilation of amazing songs you’ll ever your ears will ever behold.  And while we don’t generally get pretentious about tuneage, this is the best new indie playlist you’ll ever hear!

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PorchDrinking Playlist: The Easter Bunny Playlist

March 26, 2013 | 1

Take a leap of faith and hop on into our Easter Bunny playlist. I’m sure you’ll be jumping for joy after listening to this collection of songs about hopping, jumping and leaping. Happy Easter everyone!

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PorchDrinking Playlist: St. Patrick’s Day Playlist

March 12, 2013 |

It’s time to celebrate lucky charms, shamrocks and that other Green Beer Day, yes, this Sunday is St. Patrick’s Day.  And in honor of the Irish day of debauchery we put together a St. Patrick’s Day playlist replete with traditional Irish jigs, Boondock-y goodness, and the color green.  Enjoy!


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Spring Playlist

March 5, 2013 |

Happy March! We’re well on our way to Spring, and what better way to welcome in baseball and tournament time then with another installment of our monthly playlist?

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