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PorchDrinking Playlist April 2013 Playlist

May 7, 2013 |

Summer is almost here! Finally (hopefully) done with the winter weather, we can finally turn our attention to the finer things in life – biking, park drinking and outdoor concerts. But we need a summer jam – an anthem – … Read More

PorchDrinking Playlist: December 2012 New Music

January 8, 2013 |

There weren’t a lot of new releases to close out the year, but there were plenty of fantastic reissues. Check out the December 2012 PorchDrinking Playlist as we bring back a bit of nostalgia with tracks from Interpol and The Smashing Pumpkins. Speaking of nostalgia, Green Day and Lifehouse each released new albums. Enjoy!

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Favorite Fall Songs Playlist

October 16, 2012 |

One of the reasons I love music is because it has the power to take you back to a specific time or place, just with a few chords and notes. This fall playlist is a collection of songs, new and old, that remind me of fall for some reason or another. For example: Regina Spektor’s “Fidelity” will always remind me of walking to class in the fall of my freshman year at Miami University, listening to her album on my first generation iPod (RIP). Chris Brown’s “Don’t Wake Me Up” on the other hand, is a song that I kind of hate myself for loving, but I still blast it whenever it comes on the radio. Read More

PorchDrinking the Playlist: September 2012 Recap

October 2, 2012 |

There were plenty of amazing releases in the month of September. Avett Brothers, Mumford & Sons, Kanye (kind of?) and Grizzly Bear each debuted new albums. So sit back, relax and enjoy the soothing update to our PorchDrinking monthly playlist.
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PorchDrinking Playlist: Folkin’ Around

August 14, 2012 |

* Editor’s Note: The PorchDrinking Playlist will feature weekly post to help aid in your porch drinking sessions. Some like the one today, will be themed toward specific genres.

Going forward, please visit us on Facebook, Twitter or post comments to recommend songs … Read More