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Late Night Post Calling New PorchDrinkers

Late Night Post Calling New PorchDrinkers

Twenty Four years ago today, a legend was born.  That mythical creature is also better known as Chris Knost, PorchDrinking’s own uber web designer who has been kicking butt a taking the site to a new level.  Over the next few weeks we are gearing up for a complete site upgrade due to the hard work and brilliant insight of the one and only Mr. Knost.  So tonight we raise a glass to Chris and we give him one night of respite before we bring him back to the PorchDrinking compounds to code his life away.  Happy Birthday Chris!

On to the announcement!  We here at PorchDrinking have been eternally grateful for all of you wonderful readers and supporters of the blog.  In the not quite two months of the blog’s existence we have grown immensely and we’re still growing.  And so we’re sounding the alarms for a few additions to the PorchDrinking team. We’re looking to build an advertising team, and we’re looking to build a Great American Beer Fest research team.  For the ad team we’d like people who are willing to reach out to the beer community to build advertising on our site.  Previous experience is preferred.

For our GABF team we’re working on a tremendous amount of content leading up to the festival and we need people with a strong working knowledge of breweries throughout the country.  Also we’ll need the applicant to be willing to call up breweries and follow up with research.

If you feel like you have the chops to grab a drink and take a seat with our team please contact [email protected]


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