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Mock Election Face-Off: Jon Stewart vs. Stephen Colbert

Mock Election Face-Off: Jon Stewart vs. Stephen Colbert
Katie Chaffee

When a video clip of a toddler bawling her eyes out because she is tired of “Bronco Bama and Mitt Romney” becomes viral, it’s clear the rest of the country must be getting pretty tired of all the election hullabaloo as well. So let’s take a break from the two most talked about men for a second and focus on the two most watched; Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

According to the Huffington Post, more young adults watched The Daily Show and The Colbert Report for the coverage of the Republican National Convention than any other cable news network. However, this news is neither surprising or new. The Daily Show has been consistently ranked the #1 source of news for young adults for years; beating out both FOX and CNN. Stewart’s and Colbert’s late night parodies of serious news networks provides a comedic relief to the often depressing reality of politics and current events. Not to mention, they both accurately cover the same material most popular news networks use; however, do so with a mocking undertone.

While The Daily Show is meant to lean left, The Colbert Report leans right, offering a obvious satire of competing stations such as the aforementioned FOX and CNN. However, both late night hosts tend to sway back and forth on their political views by poking fun and both sides of the political parties. But for the purpose of this “political” exercise I am about to explain, I’m nominating Stephen Colbert as the candidate for the Republican party and Jon Stewart to represent the Democrats.  So I ask you, followers, who would you rather have for the fake President of the United States— Mr. Stephen Colbert or Mr. Jon Stewart? Please post your votes!! And hopefully, if we can get enough voters, the winner of this mock election will accurately predict the corresponding candidate for tomorrow’s election.

I see that it is only fair as the writer of this post to cast my own vote since I am asking our readers to open up and give theirs. So here it is—Jon Stewart. Why? It is not because I am endorsing Obama, or because I hate Romney, it is simply because I think Stewart would make a better politician than Stephen Colbert (probably why I actually like Colbert better 😉

Stewart just seems more into the political aspect of his show, rather than the comical. His interviews also tend to be more serious and conducted in a more professional manner. He also has had more serious political figures on his show (i.e., our current President Obama). Lastly, his mock debate with Bill O’Reilly proves he would be able to hold his own as a political figure.

Don’t get me wrong here. I LOVE Stephen Colbert. And I’m not trying to knock on Colbert’s intelligence, he did after all go to Dartmouth. Personally I just think Colbert makes a better comedian and Stewart makes a better politician. Colbert’s improv and comedic timing surpasses Stewart’s in my opinion, and he also seems more genuinely funny even though he is playing a caricature of himself. Also, if I were to hang out with Colbert in real life I’d imagine him to be either hilarious and awesome OR super hilarious and awesome! On the other hand, if I were to meet Stewart in real life I have the feeling he’d either be incredibly chill or a condescending asshole. But, I digress. Clearly I have a little crush on Mr. Stephen Colbert, but I understand I’m talking politics here. Or at least talking fake politics to take a break from real politics. So like a real politician, I’ll have to force myself to stop blabbering and ask YOU, our online followers to please post your vote.

So for me, Stewart, you have my vote, but Colbert, you have my heart. Let the voting begin!!!

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