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Pop Culture Week In Review – 11/4-11/10

Pop Culture Week In Review – 11/4-11/10
Drew Troller

4 more years! 4 more years! 4 more years of Boy Meets World!

This has been a great week in America, not just because we had another historic election, but because Hollywood has done some cool stuff. So regardless of which candidate you voted for, the future is bright – there’s casting news, performance reviews, and crushes of Drew’s in this article. It’s the pop culture week in review for November 4-10… let’s go!

Louis Made Us Forget The Hurricane For 90 Minutes

Louis CK hosted SNL on Saturday, November 3. It was funny. Not hilarious, best ever, Melissa-McCarthy funny. But funny. I blame the fact that the writers/cast/crew were reeling after a devastating hurricane. Or maybe it has something to do with the fact that Louie’s brash, vulgar, free-form comedy is an odd fit for the structured setting of SNL. It just felt weird seeing him in a sketch where the punchline was a bunch of people saying the word “boner” in an Australian accent. Better was the visual aesthetic and awesome darkness of the “Lincoln” a la “Louie” sketch, where CK played Abraham Lincoln in the aftermath of emancipation.


Michael Arndt is writing Star Wars: Episode VII

Star Wars: Episode VII – which has been extensively covered on PorchDrinking, if you haven’t seen it – has found its writer. The capable albeit maudlin Michael Arndt will be picking up the saga of a galaxy far, far away. You don’t know who Michael Arndt is, you say?

He’s the son of a bitch who made us all cry in Toy Story 3.

The writer of Pixar’s saddest movie ever is now responsible for the reboot/sequel series to the greates cinematic franchise of all time. I for one think the script for Toy Story 3 was solid, so I am sure he’ll do a good job here. It’s just a bit ironic that from ages five through twelve, my Star Wars action figures were my most beloved possessions. When I saw Toy Story 3 and it reminded me that I’ve grown up and moved away from the things which used to mean so much to me, the only thing I could think was “Holy crap, I made my parents spend a lot of money on those Star Wars toys in the garage.”

The nostalgia of the first new Start Wars in 2015 is sure to bring up those feelings again. Not sure if that makes me more or less excited for the movie.


Joe Biden Is Going To Be On Parks and Rec

            Somehow only the second-coolest job that Joe Biden secured this week (y’know, because he just had 62 million people vote him into a second term as Vice President). Biden will be on Parks & Rec this coming week, playing himself. He’s actually been mentioned on the show several times in reference to Leslie’s dream man (“He’d have the mind of George Clooney with the body of Joe Biden”) and that time Katherine Hahn’s character tried to bribe Leslie with Biden’s home phone number. But this time he’ll actually be on screen, in character as himself.

Big-time cameos like this usually disappoint (remember Ricky Gervais’s flash-in-a-pan appearance on The Office back in the show’s Steve Carrell’s last season?), but that doesn’t mean this is a huge get for the only show left that can get NBC ratings on Thursday night – seriously, what happened to their must-see lineup? 

I Refuse To Watch “It’s Thanksgiving”

            Three different people have sent me links to this video this week, and I only briefly took a glance at a few seconds. It’s like Rebecca Black’s “Friday” meets a Hallmark card for a Thanksgiving dinner at an orphan’s house – I mean SERIOUSLY, do none of these pre-teens have families to eat dinner at? Is the older African-American gentleman their foster father, or just there to sing the video’s horrible hook?

This video raises so many questions. But the biggest question is this: Is it like that movie The Ring where I’m going to die 7 days later unless I make someone else watch it? Because if so, one of you please watch it for me. Just click that horrible, horrible picture.


“America’s Funniest Home Videos” Hits 500 Episodes

            “That show is still on?” asked Bob Saget.

Yes, yes it is. And it has now hit a milestone 500 episodes. Producers are planning a special best-of episode to look back at the greatest videos on the show’s history. Now I don’t know for sure, but these are the ones I’m guessing make the top 5 greatest.

-Little kid playing t-ball, hits dad in the crotch with ball

-Little kid playing baseball, hits dad in crotch with ball

-Little kid on trampoline with dad, dad falls off, hits crotch on railing.

-Little kid riding bike, hits dad in crotch with bike

-Little kid playing golf, hits dad in crotch with golf club.

…Those were all CLASSIC.

Jennifer Lawrence Calls Herself Fat

            In an interview with Elle magazine, my dream girl Jennifer Lawrence said that in Hollywood, she’s considered a “fat actress” – even calling herself “obsese.” The article cites some reviews of The Hunger Games which all basically make the same comment that Jennifer didn’t look emaciated enough to look hungry at all – har, har, har.

This only stuck out to me because I hate Hollywood (“where do you work, Drew?” – I know, shut up). Shawty is a 10. I think it’s messed up that a woman can be an Oscar-nominated actress (she’s probably going to get another nomination for Silver Linings Playbook this year) at the age of 22 and still have to put up with this crap.

You go, J-Law – is that a thing people call her?


            I saved the best for last. Disney is working on bringing back Boy Meets World – otherwise known as the best tacky show in family sitcom history. The show would be called Girl Meets World and would focus on the life of 14-year-old Riley Matthews, the daughter of Cory and Topanga.

Oh, damn, I feel old.

Before you ask, no, there’s no official word yet on whether Cory and Topanga will be coming back. But they have to, right? In a world where perfect couples like Will Arnett and Amy Poehler can’t make it, I NEED for Cory and Topanga to still be together.

Plus I want to make sure Feeny is still alive.

In the last two weeks, Disney has promised to revive both Star Wars and Boy Meets World. This is what I dreamed 2012 would be like when I was 13.

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