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Post-Election Presidential Quiz

mount rushmore
Joe Sampson

Now that the election is over, it’s time for a pop Presidential quiz from everyone’s favorite professor, Joe Sampson. Good luck!



1. George Washington’s false teeth were made from:
A. Ivory
B. Wood
C. Whalebone
D. None of the Above
E. A and C

2. Which President was the first to use electricity in the White House?
*Related bonus question: This president also graduated from America’s finest school. Name it.

3. Our nation’s first left-handed President was:
A. James Garfield
B. Barack Obama
C. Harry Truman
D. Bill Clinton

4. He was the only president to have a child born in the White House:
A. Woodrow Wilson
B. Grover Cleveland
C. Gerald Ford
D. Chester Arthur

5. This president banned broccoli from the White House:
A. George W. Bush
B. George H.W. Bush
C. Herbert Hoover
D. Franklin Roosevelt

Answer Key:

1. C
2. Benjamin Harrison
3. A
4. B
5. B

If you scored a perfect five: Congrats, Nerd!
If you scored between 3-4: We’ll let you keep your citizenship.
If you scored between 2-3: Somewhere your middle/high school social science teacher is weeping.
Less than two: You help make America one of the dumbest nations on earth. Well done, now go spend more time on those video games!

Bonus Question: If you have to ask, you are on the wrong blog.

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