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200+ Women/Non-Binary-Owned Breweries to Support Across the U.S.

200+ Women/Non-Binary-Owned Breweries to Support Across the U.S.

Despite the idyllic notion that craft beer is an incredible industry founded on collaboration and camaraderie, the reckoning ignited by Brienne Allan’s work showcased that sexism is a rampant issue in beer that has often been swept under a rug for far too long.

Brienne’s work helped to shine greater awareness on the systemic issue and as a result, incremental change has begun, as seen with her Brave Noise collaboration campaign. Additionally, we’re constantly inspired by a new class of trailblazers like Ash Eliot, founder of Women of the Bevolution, who’ve stepped up to help continue to further Brienne’s cause, and our own Kindsey Bernhard, who launched the Boys are from Märzen podcast to spotlight incredible women in the industry, and Grace Weitz, editor for Hop Culture and organizer of Beers Without Beards festival, which celebrates women and non-binary led breweries. However, in the grand scope of things, there’s still so much that needs to be done to bring greater equity to a historically male-dominated industry.

It’s not enough to post that a brewery supports diversity and will work to combat racism, sexism, homophobia; there has to be actual action. Performative allyship does nothing.

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Below is a list of women-owned breweries throughout the country. Keep in mind that many of these are co-owned by men as well, but having a woman making decisions at the top ideally trickles down. This list is meant to highlight the work that the women-led breweries are doing, not tokenize the fact that they have women at the helm. These women are talented leaders and brewers, so support them by drinking great beer and getting to know them as brewers and breweries first. Please comment or e-mail us with any other women/non-binary-owned breweries that we may have missed!

In addition to my work, this list was compiled with the assistance of PorchDrinking writers, Colorado Brewery List, the Pink Boots Society, various Hop Culture articles, and a diverse breweries database created by Jeff Alworth.

Northeast Region

Southeast Region

On Tap Credit Union
This post is brought to you by On Tap Credit Union, providing banking solutions for Colorado, breweries and beer lovers alike.

Midwest Region

South Region

On Tap Credit Union
This post is brought to you by On Tap Credit Union, providing banking solutions for Colorado, breweries and beer lovers alike.

Mountain Region

Pacific Region

If your local woman-owned brewery is missing from this list, please reach out to us so we can keep this list updated!

Featured image is courtesy of Steph Byce / @mulvatronn

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  1. Art History Brewing in Geneva IL is majority owned by Cindy Rau.

  2. Emma Wargolet

    Thanks, Tom! We’ve made sure Art History is on the list!

  3. Danny

    I believe that Side Project and Six Mile Bridge in St. Louis are also co-owned by women

  4. Danny

    Oh and Third Wheel Brewing

  5. Chris V.

    CraftHaus Brewery in Henderson, NV (Wyndee Forrest). North 5th Brewing in North Las Vegas, NV (Amanda Payan).

  6. Local relic artisan ales is female owned in Colorado Springs co

  7. Emma Wargolet

    Thanks everyone for the additions!

  8. Kristin

    Gezellig Brewing Company in Newton, IA is female owned!

  9. Kristin

    Gezellig Brewing Company in Newton IA is female owned!

  10. Paul H.

    Calapooia Brewing in Albany, OR. Woman co-owned and the head brewer is a woman!

  11. Mother Tucker Breweries in Thornton and Louisville Colorado are owned 100% by Debrah Tucker, the Mother Tucker

  12. Mountain Tap Brewery
    Steamboat Springs, CO

    co-owned by Wendy Tucciarone

  13. Sean Smart

    Bear Island Brewing in Boise, Idaho – Beth Bechtel – Founder

  14. Xee

    Badass Backyard Brewing in Spokane, WA is woman owned, woman brewed.

  15. North Channel Brewing in Manistee, Michigan is owned by Dawn Ford, owner/founder.
    Please add us to the list!!

  16. Katie

    Forgotten Boardwalk in New Jersey (sorry, don’t know city) is female-owned!

  17. Vivian Murphy

    The Northampton Brewery in Northampton MA is owned by Janet Egelston. Janet is a pioneer in New England brewing history. At one time Janet was co-owner of 3 NE breweries. Currently she is the sole owner of Northampton. I worked for and with Janet in the early 90’s through the turn of the century. Strong feirce and independent Janet has always been a women to be reckoned with. Her story should be part of women in brewing history.

  18. Emma Wargolet

    We have updated the list to reflect the additions – thank you all so much, we appreciate being able to add more womxn-owned breweries to the list!

  19. 3 Car Garage Brewing, Bradenton, FL

    Christine (CD) Drymon, Boss Lady, President

    • Josh Ritenour

      Added. Sorry for the delay!

  20. Chelsey

    Bradley Brew Project in Bradley Beach, Nj is female owned. Would be excited to be added to this list!

    • Josh Ritenour

      Article updated. Sorry for the delay, Chelsey!

  21. MM

    Right Bauer in WI is not woman owned. Used to be but no longer.

  22. Birds Fly South Ale Project in Greenville, SC is co-owned and operated by a woman. Cheers!

    • Josh Ritenour

      The article has been updated. Sorry for the delay, Lindsay!

  23. The Lost Druid in Avondale Estates, GA is 100% wonan-owned.

    • Josh Ritenour

      Article updated. Sorry for the delay, Stacia!

  24. Blanca

    In Los Angeles-
    Homage Brewing
    Benny Boy Brewing
    Highland Park Brewery

    • Josh Ritenour

      Thank you for the info! The article has been updated (sorry for the delay).

  25. C

    I dont know how much Hillman in asheville should be on here. Its owned by two brothers and one brother’s wife. Thats not even majority female owned.

  26. C

    And actually I think its incredibly misleading to put husband and wife teams on here. By that logic, anythin is female-owned even though all the wife did is cosign the business loan. It cheapens the meaning of places that are truly female owned like Chemist spirits.

  27. C

    Actually I would do your own research and recheck this entire list if this is something you care about. “Woman-owned” is a specific term meaning 51% owned and controlled by women. Not “a woman is involved somewhere.” Just checked Burial in Asheville as well and its also a trio with only one woman. This article is misleading and frankly should be taken down.

  28. Alex

    It definitely doesnt count as female-owned if you can just as easily say its male-owned (or even worse a lot of these are predominantly male-owned). Out of the 32 listed for South Eastern US I could only confirm 10 were actually female-owned and that was being generous by including the ones that were one man one woman as long as it was the woman doing the brewing. Article needs a serious cleanup.

  29. Nick

    S27 in San Jose, CA

    • Josh Ritenour

      Article updated. Thanks for the info, Nick!

  30. Marcel

    Unfortunately, Brazo Fuerte Artisanal Beer in Watertown MA is closed. 🙁

    • Josh Ritenour

      The article has been updated. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

  31. Bone Up Brewing Company in Everett MA is co-owned and operated by (me) Liz Kiraly!

    • Josh Ritenour

      Updated. Thank you, Liz!

  32. Johnnie

    Please add Front Page Brewing Company in Bartow, FL.

    • Josh Ritenour

      Done. Thank you!

  33. Local Craft Beer with 3 locations. 100% woman owned since 2015
    Brewery/taproom in Tehachapi, CA 2015
    Taproom/bowling alley Lancaster, CA 2022
    Taproom Mojave, CA 2023

  34. Ironwood Brewing in Valparaiso, IN is 100% woman owned and operated

    • Josh Ritenour

      Added. Thank you so much, Barbara!

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