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Roundtable Discussion- Holiday Grinch Edition

Roundtable Discussion- Holiday Grinch Edition

I love Christmas, I’m all about the jingle, the jangle, the cookies, the snow (please bring the snow), the churchin’ and of course the beer.  But every now and then, hearing Oh Holy Night in the local grocery store a month before Christmas can get a little old.  Oh and there are times when trying to drive within a mile of any retail store sitting bumper to bumper can start rubbing the wrong way.  And having that one awkward encounter while back home on vacation, with that guy you met once in high school, doesn’t exactly rank at the top of my Facebook interests list, especially when that one encounter involved getting chewing tobacco spat on your new shoes.  So hey the holidays aren’t entirely sugar plums and peppermint sticks.  So we asked our staff what they dreaded most about the impending holiday season.


– Every year you hear the same thing, “It’s the thought that counts…. ’tis better to give than to receive…etc. etc.” Let’s be honest, we all know it’s completely bogus. The thing that “counts” is gift SELECTION. In other words, finding the gift that the receiver actually wanted and will actually use to the gift’s full potential. This used to save some cash for the sender because the correct niche gift usually cost less than whatever the major toy companies were pushing that year, but that seems to no longer be the case. Are we just getting older and therefore know more specifically what we want, or is inflation just kicking gift giving’s ass? In either case, this is the time of the year when I go from college-kid poor to Terrence Biggums poor. Being poor sucks, and gift giving has made me poorer and poorer with each passing year; v sub v gift giving sucks.


– I’m determined to enjoy everything about the Holidays this time around.  Except shopping/shoppers, but I don’t like them at any time of year.  🙂  Happy Holidays!

Laura M

– Our family decided after several years of passing around gift cards that the adult gift giving was getting pointless.   We made a group pact to take the amount that we would normally spend on presents to each other and give it to a charity of our choice instead.  However, my Nana always violates the rules and gives each of the 3 grandkids a present from “Santa” which usually turns out to be an awesome card and cash- thanks Santa!

Katie C

– Spending a lot of money on gifts and gaining weight. Both are inevitable.

Lauren H

– Now that all the kids have “grown up”, gifts are not as a big part of our celebration. We used to have a wrapping paper fight after opening gifts every year. Then it got to the point where we were just throwing giftcard envelopes at each other! Ha! Now each family brings a new game and we have a game night, it is a blast! I am not looking forward to the Christmas music blaring outside my apartment, every night, from the light display at the church next door. It is already annoying!

Lindsay K

– I am not looking forward to traveling on Christmas Day. Something about it just doesn’t feel right.


– I am dreading the apocalypse NOT happening on December 21, 2012.  Think about it.  We’ve been given one specific moment that could possibly act as the culmination of human existence, ushering us, the final humans, into the next realm of celestial wonder and possibility!  Also, kooky relatives and their Nostradamusian conspiracy theories. Like, get a job already, right?!  Right?


– What I’m NOT looking forward to for the holidays. This will be the first Christmas that my family will not be getting together. We’re all grown-ups now and have lives and families across the country. I miss being a kid, waking up on Christmas morning so excited you could pee your pants. Being an adult is lame.

Second, I dread the Christmas traffic. I often bike to the gym which is located next to a Target. People are not only everywhere, but they are terrible drivers. Once New Years hits, the gym will be flooded with resolution pre-failure. I know you wanted to lose 10 pounds this year, but I’m here all the time and you’re going to give up in a week. Let me use the treadmill.


– Krampus.


– The holidays seem to bring out the absolute worst in people. I see it every year working in retail booze.


– I am not looking forward to showing up to a gift exchange with a completely kickass gift and leaving with something incredibly lame. EVERY. DAMNED. YEAR.

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