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Ultimate 6er | Mayan Apocalypse

apocalypse ultimate 6er
Betsy Schneider

Beware ye, the end is Nye!

We have officially reached the end of our time on earth. Or so say the ancient Mayans, at least.

Friday, December 21, 2012 is the day we either rejoice for our lives or shudder with fear as we greet our demise. As for me, I’m down for a celebration. My last day on Mother Earth is going to be the biggest f’ing party I’ve ever seen! Why not go out with a bang, ya dig? Let’s all die with smiles on our faces.

So here ye, I propose this Ultimate 6er with all the appropriate themes of death.

In this order you shall enjoy these lovely brews before you revel in the face of the apocalypse.

1. Monty Python’s Holy Grail Ale by Black Sheep Brewery

Now would be the perfect time to repent and reach out to whomever you call Holy. In this case- Holy Grail Ale. The light and sweet taste is not too overpowering to shadow your penance.

2. Misery Bay IPA by Erie Brewing

With an image of who I’d like to think of as our Founding Fathers on the label- what better way to honor those who built our great country that we’re leaving behind? Although this IPA is far from miserable, Misery Bay may be an appropriate title for the fearful ones.

3. Barleywine by Bluegrass Brewing Company

Okay… this one might not suit everyone. To be honest it’s kind of weird but I had to try my latest find from my favorite city’s own local brewery. Louisville, Kentucky– FYI. C-A-R-D-S CARDS! All hail U of L and let’s celebrate the fall of UK from the rankings in this last year of the world. Proving that UK is destined to suck in every way. Except for cheerleading.

4. Dead Guy Ale by Rogue

We’re all about to dead! Duh, why not drink this one? And there is a cute little skeleton man on the label. For being dead and all, this beer is pretty smooth. I would definitely suggest this one to the living.

5. Fade to Black by Left Hand Brewing Co.

This is my favorite“Black Beer.” And considering that the impending doom will lead to the complete darkness of the world, this brew needn’t say more. The slightly bitter end of your last drink of the bottle will leave you wanting for more. Too bad.

6. PranQster by North Coast Brewing Co.

Gotcha! If you really think the world is ending….. get off the internet. In any case, this golden ale is a breath of sweet, fruity,
fresh air for when you wake up on Saturday morning with a massive hangover. Feel like shit? Drink another beer! This is the one that will seal the deal.

Enjoy the apocalypse everyone!

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