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Roundtable Discussion: Eating the Same Meal or Going Vegan for a Year

Roundtable Discussion: Eating the Same Meal or Going Vegan for a Year

This week’s roundtable was a big random but we decided to ask our staff whether they would choose to eat the same exact meal for an entire year or go vegan.  Here’s what they came up with…

Lindsay K

Vegan. I could live on pasta

Justin H

Same meal – Chinese food!


I’m already vegetarian and I’ve tried some killer vegan meals so I’d go vegan. there are plenty of alternatives you just have to have imagination.


Vegan! i’d get sick of dragon rolls (my choice for the same meal) after a while.


While plain pasta and butter makes up the large majority of my meals, I had to consider breakfast in my decision. Though the idea of giving up meat (particularly fish) and dairy (particularly butter) pains me, I would have to go vegan. But I would complain about it the WHOLE time. Worst year ever.

Andy M

I have a bit of a personal vendetta against vegans (who can live without cheese?!), but I’d take a vegetarian meal any day of the week. Mmmm… fajitas….

Drew T

I guess I’ll be “that guy” who tries to find a loophole. I would eat the same meal every day for a year. But I would make that meal chicken, fish, steak, pork, pasta, fries, potatoes, veggies, fruit, chocolate, bread, eggs, rice, and… Did I forget any food group? Then I would just eat whatever part of that one meal I wanted.


I enjoy meat.  Not only is meat delicious, it gives you an animalistic boost of natural food aura that is unattainable from any other food.  Whether it be the full-bellied high from a sushi bar or the thick cut of a bloody filet mignon, my body just feels better when it consumes fresh meat.
So when asked if I would give up not only meat, but animal byproducts like butter for a year, I make my choice my equally out of love for meat and detest for forsaking my omnivore status.
I’d make it a turducken.  Everyday baby.  Everyday.

Adam R

For a beer blog, I’m surprised that no one has mentioned the fact that Vegans can’t drink most beers.


I would eat the same meal for a year and that meal would be fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and green beans(fresh, not that canned bullshit). I would drink Tank 7 from Boulevard with the meal, too!

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