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Ale Asylum Ambergeddon

Ale Asylum Ambergeddon

ABV: 6.8%

The Ale Asylum Ambergeddon coming out of Wisconsin, has a tasty 6.8% ABV and an ominous skull label to back it up. Sure, there are far more destructive beers but this one lends itself so beautifully to all the end-of-the-world references I have in store for you. The pour is a thick, coppery, “You’ve got red on you” red with a nice creamy head and medium lacing. The smell of this garden varietal is sweet and somewhere in between honeysuckle and fresh-cut grass.The mouthfeel is moderate and fairly fizzy, unlike a zombie; the feel of a zombie’s mouth would be far less pleasant. I know, I know- that one was a stretch. Moving on.

The flavor packs a wallop of worlds colliding like in the superbly apocalyptic movie Melancholia by Lars Von Trier (which by the way, you should totally see*) except that here those worlds are malt and hops. Get ready for big explosions of each. But unlike mass-extinction scenarios, this beer is more akin to the Doomsday preppers that have taught themselves how to garden and have stockpiled seeds, with all its plant-flavored infusions. The Ambergeddon is floral and grassy with a bitterness that hints at tobacco and perhaps even hickory undertones, you know, the plants that cost a pretty penny in Waterworld or Barter Town.

Remember those recent predictions for Armageddon? The ones where everyone threw parties, listened to the R.E.M. song on repeat, and staged piles of empty clothing to imply the absence of those who had been raptured? Well besides that awesome stuff, those Armageddons were something of a letdown. The Ale Asylum Ambergeddon on the other hand, does not disappoint in slightest.

Motto: The end is near for weak amber beers. (from their website)

For fans of: zombies, the apocalypse, Liv Tyler, and delicious flavors

Pairs well with: Brains. Obviously.

*Don’t worry I didn’t ruin the movie for you.


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