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Getting a Woody – Founders Backwoods Bastard

Getting a Woody – Founders Backwoods Bastard
Will Dozier

Welcome to the second installment of Getting a Woody. In this article we will dive into the wide world of Bourbon Barrels. As stated in the last Getting a Woody, Bourbon Barrels were one of the first barrels used to age beer. Aging beer in these barrels creates a harmony between the wood and the beer producing slight hints of bourbon, oak, vanilla, and smoky flavors. Some great examples that have gonethrough this process are Bourbon County Stout from Goose Island, The Lost Abbey Angel’s Share, Odell’s Bourbon Barrel Stout, and Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout. Today, we look at another beer from Founders Brewing that has enjoyed aging in Bourbon Barrels.

Founders Backwoods Bastard
Style: Scotch/Wee Heavy Ale Aged in Bourbon Barrels
ABV: 10.2%


Bourbon Barrels

Recently, I made the move from downtown Denver up into the mountains outside of the metro area. This has been a bit of an adjustment but I am starting to find a groove. You may even call me a Backwoods Bastard. Backwoods Bastard, a limited release beer from Founders Brewing, has been the perfect way to make the transition. Backwoods Bastard is a strong scotch ale that is aged in bourbon barrels that packs a punch at 10.2% abv.


Founders Backwoods Bastard  pours a murky brown with ruby highlights and a light tan head. Brown sugar, caramel, and bourbon warm the nose. Vanilla and honey permeate the first sip.The beer then reveals its complex nature with notes of bourbon, oak, dark cherries, and toffee.  Backwoods Bastards finishes extremely smooth with no hint of the 10.2% abv.


Hide some Founders Backwoods Bastard deep in the forest as this beer will develop and mature over time.


WillyD Approved. Founders Backwoods Bastard is a great beer when you wanna make the transition from the city life into the backwoods. If you you can find this bastard make sure and find the closest wooded area and prepare to consume. As this Backwoods Bastard retires into his woods, I ask you to post the number of beers you can count in the comments that have the word bastard in the name.

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