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Pop Culture Week in Review: February 16-22

Mumford & Sons
  • On February 15, 2013

So the Grammys happened…remember?

I know Tristan already did a breakdown of the show, but I love the Grammys so you will hear what I have to say.  I don’t give a shit about the awards themselves but the performances are usually bananas.  I’m still talking about the Mumford/Avett/Dylan performance from two years ago.  But this year, no trapeze.  No weird eggs.  And seriously not enough Beyonce.  Ok, so apparently I just want it to be 2011 again.  At least then we wouldn’t have to deal with LL Cool J or his silly hats.  You’re not hiding anything from anyone- Just be bald.  Own it.  And I know they weren’t your fault exactly, but you could have chosen not to make a “Grandma/Grammy” or a “Fun. is fun” joke.  We are the choices we make, sir.

Thing that angered me most: Taylor Swift.  I was glad that she opened the show because I thought we just had to get through the first 5 minutes and we’d be rid of her.  But no.  The amount of times they cut to her made it seem like this was her own little private concert and all these crazy talented people were her little music puppets.  Much like Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, I accept that her popularity exists, but I couldn’t explain it to anyone.

Thing that eased my anxiety:  JT premiering “Pusher Love Girl” from The 20/20 Experience (I’m sorry but I’m always going to want to add on “with Barbara Walters” at the end of that).

After “Suit and Tie shit”, I found this to be a delight.  I cannot wait until I can hear a clean, recorded version.  But must he call it “Pusher Love Girl”?  All I can think is that she’s pushing drugs.  Like Tina Fey in Mean Girls.  Is he trying to tell us something about Jessica?  Should I be concerned?

Thing I was surprised I still remember: Kelly Clarkson, you crazy powerhouse you.

I mean, seriously.  Also, who else had flashbacks to when she sang “Natural Woman” on Idol with that weird hat and tie?  Just me?  Ok, then.

For more of my musings, you can check out my twitter as I live tweeted the thing.  None of my tweets got read by LL, probably because they were slightly more specific than “I like so and so.”

I’m confused, Morgan Spurlock

Morgan, you are no stranger to pointing out what’s wrong with out society.  Super Size Me taught me to pay more attention to what I put in my body (she says as she eats a cookie).  The Greatest Movie Ever Sold taught me to pay more attention to the things I see in film and television.  Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope taught me to love again.  But I really do not know what I’m supposed to do with this:

Are you trying to teach us something about Idol worship?  Or maybe you want us to question why we like the things we like- do we actually like their music or do we just like their faces?  Or maybe you do just want me to know how Harry’s mom feels about him.  I’m so confused.  I’M SO CONFUSED.

To bring you back to a happy place:

Rapid Fire: Good news, bad news!

Good News: Peter Dinklage will be in X-Men: Days of Confusing Subtitles. His character is still TBA.
Bad News: Happy Endings is moving to Fridays. But like, ABC said they still totally believe in the show and stuff.
Good News: Patrick Carney of the Black Keys said something bad about Justin Bieber and the Beliebers are none to pleased. How is this good news?  Go to Patrick’s twitter, read and enjoy.
Bad News (for productivity):  Tamagotchi is releasing an app.  And since it will be on your phone, there’s not WAY your work can ban it, right?

 BREAKING: Harrison Ford WILL be in Star Wars: Episode VII 

The earing-ed actor will reprise his legendary role of Han Solo.  I’ll leave you to your tears of joy.


  1. Nik

    But…but…ladies LOVE cool J..!

    Also, brilliant inclusion of Patrick Carney vs. Bieber fans on twitter haha love it.

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