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Pop Culture Week In Review: March 23-29

Pop Culture Week In Review: March 23-29

You get a reboot! You get a reboot! Everybody gets a reboot!

Every show and movie you love is finding new life, and I’ve got news (and of course a bunch of sarcastic commentary) on all of that. Plus Ashley Judd is NOT running for Senate, Breaking Bad had a security breach, and America doesn’t know which NBC mainstay to hate more: Jay Leno or Matt Lauer. All of that in this week’s pop culture week in review for March 23-29.

INDEPENDENCE DAY is coming back!

Tristan was so adament that I include this in my write-up that he emailed me and insisted: Independence Day is getting a sequel. Two, actually. You read that right. The Will Smith movie that brought you this line is returning to the big screen. The two follow-ups will be called “ID-4ever: Part 1” and “ID-4ever: Part 2,” but I think they missed an opportunity by not calling the second sequel “ID-4ever: Part 2: ID-4-ever-er.”

Also, I swear, this is an actual plot detail being revealed at this time:

“The humans knew that one day the aliens would come back. And they know that the only way you can really travel in space is through wormholes.”

I really hope that quote was said with tongue in cheek. It’s like “Uh, yeah, OBVIOUSLY those aliens that came by space-ships before are going to be going through wormholes this time. DUH!”


So is VACATION! And maybe Chevy Chase’s career!

Chevy Chase, before he got fat but after it became apparent he was a dick.


You may have heard last summer that Ed Helms signed on to play a (now-grown-up) Rusty Griswold in the new Vacation movie. That made some sense even then, since The Hangover is basically Vacation with three guys and a bunch of male nudity.

Now there’s news that Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo will be coming back to play their original Clark and Ellen roles. The real quesiton this raises is whether the addition of Chevy makes Community fans (and everyone else who knows Chevy is a huge asshole) more or less likely to see the movie. There’s got to be some Hangover-Community-Vacation tie-in where Ken Jeong shows up naked, right?


And that BOY MEETS WORLD reunion did exactly what we all wanted

He’s back, bitches.


Feeny is back. Now we all have to watch.

There are pictures on the internet of Eric Matthews and Sean Hunter hanging out on set. They’re real photos, but don’t be misled. As of this moment, they are NOT casted to be in Girl Meets World. Mr. Feeny, however, is going to be in the pilot. Set your DVRs accordingly.


Matt Lauer is okay with being replaced by Anderson Cooper and replacing Alex Trebek

That looks confusing. It’s not. Everyone hates Matt Lauer, including (according to some reports) the NBC execs who think his ego is dragging The Today Show down with his absurd demands. And since his current contract will be up in a couple years, there are rumors that he could be replaced – and one of the front-runners is Anderson Cooper. While Anderson is quite busy with his CNN show and his daytime show (okay, let’s be real, that show isn’t going to last much longer), he was great as a temporary fill-in for Regis and people would watch The Today Show if he were on it.

Meanwhile, Matt Lauer could move on to greener pastures, including the possibility of replacing Alex Trebek as the host of Jeopardy.  Makes sense… they’re both super self-involved elitist pretentious jerk-faces.*

Also, Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon made a bunch of lame jokes about NBC in the wake of news that Jimmy may be replacing Jay. It’s not as interesting as the initial story, which you can read in last week’s Pop Culture Week in Review.

*I don’t know anything about either man personally. They could be perfectly pleasant.


Ashley Judd is NOT running for Senate in Kentucky

There had been rumors and whispers that actress (and Harvard grad) Ashley Judd would run for Senate in Kentucky, opposing Republican Mitch McConnell. She announced Thursday she will not be running.

Thank you, Ashley, for letting us know you’re not running. I now also expect a press release from every other celebrity who is not running for a position in Senate. Thank you.


MAD MEN is back soon, and apparently Jon Hamm is well-hung.

Apologies in advance, Tristan/other PD editors, if we’re not allowed to use the word “penis” on this site. I’m about to use the word “penis.” Just a heads up before I say it.

Mad Men is one of the best shows on TV, and it returns to the air this weekend with its sixth season. And as the show moves into the late 60’s, the wardrobe is calling for tighter suits. And because he is a gentleman who elects not to wear underwear, Jon Hamm has been approached by the show’s wardrobe department with an issue. Apparently, Jon was bulging through the suits. This sort of blew up the internet this week because it gave immature bloggers like me fans  occasion to talk about Jon’s manhood, or just slip the word “penis” into conversation.

Why do you think she stayed with him so long?


Also, Jon Hamm has gone on record saying he hates when people talk about this, so let’s stop. Now.


BREAKING BAD got jacked

How crazy is this? Last December, Bryan Cranston (star of Breaking Bad) got robbed. Not just any robbery, though. Someone stole a SCRIPT out of his car. A script from the final season of Breaking Bad! The greatest show on TV!

This is serious. I do NOT want spoilers. Possibly for the first time in my TV-watching career, I do not want to know how Breaking Bad ends (I kinda want to pretend it isn’t ending at all). So, thief, if you’re a reader, please do the right thing and return Mr. Cranston’s script. He is a nice man and this is a nice show. And I don’t want to know who lives and dies.


Tilda Swinton is weird

Homegirl is doing some project where she shows up at an art museum and sleeps in a glass case. Not a glass case of emotion (Anchorman reference), mind you, but a real glass case. Where museum visitors can walk up to her. And watch her sleep.

This is art, everyone. Art… and a nap.


What’s the reverse of voyeurism, where you really enjoy people creepily watching you? Is there a word for it? Can I invent one? Msirueyov?


Your Facebook friends got super-activist-y for like two days

I’ll keep my personal opinions (cough—cough-support for equality-cough) out of this one, but I think it’s worth noting that we saw a powerful example of how social media can reflect (and maybe affect) people’s sentiments on the most pressing social issues of the day. As the Supreme Court heard two days of arguments on same-sex marriage this week, a common practice on social media was to change one’s profile picture to this image:

It’s a clever, simple, and meaningful way of saying “I support marriage equality.” And the fact that this quickly became such a prevalent image on Facebook reflects the fact that the evolving demographic in America of young people who support same-sex marriage portends change in the coming years.

Isn’t it sad, though, that today almost everyone has changed their pictures back? It’s like Kony 2012 or ribbons supporting Sandy Hook victims; we care for a few days and then we’re back to normal. The shelf-life for activism and interest is so short, the window to grab onto a moment is getting smaller all the time. Good thing Bud Light was there to strike while the iron was hot:

Classy way to not at all distract from a national movement, Bud Light.

Really. They posted that. It’s not a parody.


  1. Jason

    Just another reason not to drink Bud Light.

    • Drew Troller

      They make it really easy to hate them. Almost as easy as Miller Lite when they advertise their “Vortex bottles” which are supposed to make pouring shitty beer more enjoyable.

  2. Wood

    That scene in Independence Day, where Will Smith punches the alien, marked the first time I’ve ever heard a theater audience begin cheering. And it was the first (and only non-Star-Wars) movie where some of the audience (my 15-year-old self included) stood up and cheered at the end. Good memories, those.

    • Drew Troller

      How are you (and me, for that matter) forgetting to mention the Bill Pullman “WE WILL NOT GO QUIETLY INTO THE NIGHT!” speech?!

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