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Homebrew Tasting – Green Bullet Saison

Homebrew Tasting – Green Bullet Saison
Will Dozier

The Green Bullet

Style: Single Hop Saison

ABV: 6.8%


As the weather has gotten warmer I have been craving a light tart saison.

Currently, I have brewed three of them that are aging awGreen Bullet Cork and Cageay. Recently, I bottled one that was exclusively hopped with Green Bullet hops.  So I decided to post a tasting of this green bullet hopped wonder. This beer was brewed back in early January. Here you can see my recipe and brew day notes. The finished product is a straightforward take on  saison with a base of pilsner malt and some vienna and wheat to add a bit of complexity. I chose the Green Bullet hops as they are a dual purpose hop that provide ample bittering and aroma. This was the first beer that I have gotten a chance to use my new floor corker on. Overall I was impressed with the look and the feel of the caged and corked bottles. I also went the next step and added labels. I do think I added a little too much sugar at bottling as the bottle gushed a bit as I opened it.


Green Bullet appearanceAppearance:
The Green Bullet  pours a cloudy burnt yellowish orange with a large white . The head slowly dissipates with tight bubbles leaving nice lacing on the glass.

Strong fruity esters leap from the glass. They fade into hints of citrus and bubble gum. A slight wheaty malt characteristic shines through along with a spicy hop finish from the green bullets.

Similar to the nose,  a nice malty wheat flavor shines through. Moves to notes of orange and lemon peel backed by a peppery hint. The beer finishes dry with tart bitterness that lingers. The beer taste a little yeasty but with a little time it will fade.

The beer has a pronounced mouth feel. It is surprisingly full feel for how low this beer fermented out. This is a testament to French saison yeast. Carbonation is good but could use a little bit more to accentuate the dry and bitter finish

Overall Impression

I am pleased with the way this one turned out. It is very drinkable and will only get better as it develops in the bottle longer. I would brew this beer again as it will be very nice to have as the weather gets warmer.


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