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Pop Culture Week in Review: May 31-June 6

Pop Culture Week in Review: May 31-June 6

This week, not a lot of great exciting stuff happened. Lindsay Lohan behaved herself, almost all big TV shows are on hiatus, no studio announced amazing movies in development, and we’ve all forgotten about “Arrested Development” season 4. Now we’re left with some viral videos, depressing news about the state of movies, and even MORE depressing news for the House of Stark.

I’ve got you covered in this week’s Pop Culture Week in Review. Let’s go.

Your Nerdy Friends/Co-Workers Lost Their DAMN MINDS

Game over for a few fan favorites.

I don’t think it counts as a spoiler anymore that this week’s “Game of Thrones” was INSANELY bloody. If by some chance you didn’t hear … the “red wedding” episode saw at least three major characters—fan favorites—brutally and unexpectedly (unless you read the books) murdered.

I say “at least” because I didn’t watch. Though I am a huge nerd and addicted to television, I was not a GoT viewer. I actually have started now, though. I’ve seen the light and I’m a few episodes into season one. Still, maybe next week, the guy in the cubicle next to you will have shut up about the loss of a few Starks. Then again, this Sunday is the season finale. So he has an entire off-season to share theories and dissect ever character’s motives.

God, this show seems insane. I can’t wait to get caught up.

Movies Don’t Have to Be Good Anymore

This happened. In a movie. Not real life.

“Fast & Furious 6” has grossed $500,000,000 dollars. Half a billion. For a movie with dialogue like this:

Girl: What, have you got a death wish or something?

Guy: If that’s what it takes. I just wanna race.

Girl: Might lose your car.

Guy: Let’s do it.

Girl: Your funeral.

Guy: Ride or die, remember?

… That is a real scene from a real movie that has made 500 million real dollars. Rest in peace, movie industry.

Changing of the Jo(h)ns

The host of “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.” If that confuses you … don’t worry.

Jon Stewart has a new side gig: he’s directing his first movie, “Rosewater.” Good for him, but he’s pretty busy, right? He has “The Daily Show” every Monday-Thursday. So clearly he needs a sub.

As PorchDrinking has told you before, Comedy Central is having show correspondent John Oliver fill in at Stewart’s desk for a few months. Oliver has now officially taken the reigns. You can say he’s untested, or wonder whether his accent/demeanor may come across as too glib for regular TDS viewers. But it’ll at least be a fun experiment to watch, right?

Also of note on the John Oliver front: guy says he’s willing to come back to “Community” for the Dan Harmon-directed season 5. So, look forward to that. Or don’t. …Do people like him?

Robert Downey Jr. is Joss Whedon’s Bargaining Chip

The two men on the left want to help each other continue getting richer.

Or is it the other way around?

As you may now, Robert Downey Jr. says he is willing to walk away from the role of Iron Man (thus essentially quitting “The Avengers 2” and “Iron Man 4”) if contract negotiations with Disney/Marvel don’t go his way. It’s not clear what he’s asking for, but he reportedly made $50 million off of “The Avengers” once back-end merchandising and all is factored in.

Now director Joss Whedon says the studio can’t have him (Whedon) for “The Avengers 2” without Downey. He’ll walk if anyone but RDJ is in the Iron Man suit, and likens him to Sean Connery in the sense that no one else is as easily identifiable in a role.

Glad you have Robert’s back, Joss, but you seem to be forgetting that the role of James Bond has thrived and evolved without Connery. The actor in the role is pretty replaceable.

You Never Need To Leave Your House Or Interact With Any Humans

Because now Dominos has taken the last vestiges of socializing out of their business model. They’re testing (or maybe just getting promotional attention out of) a pizza delivery drone. The DomiCopter would deliver pizza to your door via miniature unmanned HELICOPTER.

Just think of all the pros:

  • No need to make eye contact with delivery guy.
  • Faster than traffic.
  • Impress your friends self by having a helicopter show up to your party late night shame-eating session.
  • Won’t judge you for two orders of cheesy bread.
  • Only kills people SLOWLY unlike military drones. And I realize this isn’t really pop culture. But it’s crazy.

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