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Faking Adulthood | Basic Sewing

Faking Adulthood | Basic Sewing

It’s really the little things in life that make a difference in your day-to-day, right? Small things that you don’t let become big things, or tiny gestures than make you smile. Or, feeling accomplished when you complete a simple adult-type task like some basic sewing. In a world where most jobs don’t require that we don’t use our hands too much, being able to replace a button or hem some pants makes me feel strangely self-sufficient (even if I’m not actually).

How to Attach a Button

After threading your needle, tie a knot in one end. I’ve never been very good at knotting thread, so I loop the end around my index finger three times then roll it off the end of my finger, tightening it as I go. It makes a pretty messy knot, but it will be big enough to not slip through the fabric. But, back to the button! If there are buttons already sewn on either side of this one, fasten them, then use a pen or pencil to make a small mark through the center of the hole. Unbutton the shirt, and then attach the button, beginning by sewing upward from the inside of the shirt. If it’s a 4-hole button, you’ll stitch in an X, crossing over the top of the button and back down through the diagonally opposite hole. If it’s not a 4-hole button, there’s only one other hole, so it should be pretty self-explanatory. To make sure the button isn’t too tight in either case, you can stick a straight pin directly under the button. Once you feel it’s secure, bring the needle back up through the fabric near the button, then wind it around the thread, before poking it back through the fabric and knotting it off.

How to Hem Pants (or anything else, really)

Put the pants (or whatever) on, use a mirror to fold them to the length you want them to be, and pin them. Now, take them off, and turn them inside out to iron the hem so that it’s nice and crisp. Start sewing from a seam about 1/8 inch up from the bottom, and go all the way around the bottom of the pant leg. Another option to make it look like you hemmed your pants, without any actual sewing is to get no-sew glue or fusion tape. Fusion tape is stuck between the folded up portion and the rest of your pant and ironed into place. Sometimes it puckers as it heats or, depending on the material, can show distinct lines on the edges. No-sew glue is just what it sounds like: glue your pants to the length you want them. I’ve found that it can be really useful for last-minute Halloween costumes. Both can be found at stores like Hobby Lobby or Michael’s.

I know sewing isn’t the most glamorous of topics to write about, but next time you pop a button off your sleeve at work, maybe it’ll make you feel a little better to know you can fix it in a couple minutes when you get home. Maybe? A girl can hope.

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