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Factotum Brewhouse Kickstarter

Factotum Brewhouse Kickstarter

Homebrewing has been an American staple dating back as far as our founding fathers.  Thomas Jefferson homebrewed, Barack Obama’s administration recently “homebrewed”, and many of you probably do too. But imagine the opportunity to brew on a commercial system and actually sell YOUR own beer to the masses, all without the hassle of opening up your own brewery. 

That dream is becoming a reality.  Factotum Brewhouse, opening fall of 2013 in Denver, CO will give brewing enthusiasts the opportunity to brew their recipe on Factotum’s seven-barrel system and the beer will then be served to taproom patrons. In translation this is the craft beer’s version of FUBU, for us, by us.

Virtually a brewing co-op, headbrewer Christopher Bruns will help aspiring brewers translate their recipes to a commercial brew system from recipe creation to the brewing process and finally serving that finished product to thirsty patrons.

Factotum will reserve six taps for home brew recipes, with the intent of varying beer styles on taps at all times. The remaining two taps will feature Bruns’ own creations.

Christopher and his sister Laura conceived of Factotum after finishing Tom Hennessy’s renowned Brewery Immersion Course at the Colorado Boy Pub and Brewery in Ridgway, CO.  Factotum will be located at 4735 Lipan Street in the Sunnyside neighborhood, which already houses a budding craft beer hotbed featuring Stomp Them Grapes homebrew store, Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project and the upcoming Diebolt Brewing Company.

To help put the finishing touches on brewery needs the sibling duo have launched a kickstarter and need YOUR help.  Visit their kickstarter page to contribute to their final goal and make this dream a reality!

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