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Event Recap| Chive Fest Denver

chive fest denver
  • On August 26, 2014

Killer music, more tank tops than Justin Bieber’s wardrobe, Chivettes, KCCO Beers, and Blow up dolls, that pretty much sums up Chive Fest Denver. Our preview of the event was astonishingly accurate save for the prediction of the aforementioned blowup dolls but hey we’re all inclined to oversight once and a while.

All joking aside, I was a bit anxious coming into this event because I hadn’t experienced a larger scale music festival that took place City Park before. As a resident of the neighborhood, I could hear the misinformed gentrification who I live amongst, collectively decree against the gangbangers, drunkards and prostitutes this kind of event would attract, and I hoped (the kind of hope Cubs fans conjure up every spring training) that the event would prove them wrong.

I love my neighborhood, and I love when great events happen in my neighborhood because it inherently benefits the businesses and people who live in the area. Chive Fest, despite all of it’s bro-ed out glory ended up living up to all expectations. The event was extremely well managed, the music was stellar as anticipated, and the staff on hand seemed particularly cautious to keep the ground clean, well maintained and orderly.

KCCO Gold Lager proved to be extremely crisp and refreshing on the warm summer’s afternoon. I particularly enjoyed the Patrick’s description of the perfect marriage between Resignation Brewery (the Chive’s in-house brewery project) and RedHook Brewery who contract brews the recipe of “We like to party, they like to party, it’s a great cultural fit.” What really intrigues me is Resignation’s plans to develop ales to pair with their golden and dark lagers, most notably an IPA which is currently in the works. Perhaps their next project can pair up with Yolo Brewing. That’d have “Tank-tan Brozed Arms, Pale Chest Ale” written all over it.

Jokes aside, it really was a tremendous festival, showcasing some truly deserving musical acts, an extremely gracious and considerate Chive team and staff, as well as tasty brews and bites.

Desiree’s video was spot on in capturing all of the action.

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