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Roundtable Discussion | Expensive Beers

Fou Foune
Lindsay Krumel

Last week, Mike Zoller posted this article on our staff page and posed the question, “Would you pay $120 for a 22oz beer?” For this week’s Roundtable Discussion, we decided to take it a step further. We asked our fellow PDers for the most expensive bottle of beer they’ve ever purchased, how much it actually cost them, and how much is too much to pay for a single bottle. Scroll down to find out what they said and please feel free to leave your comments below!

Drew Troller

I dunno, I once went to a concert where a bottle of beer was 9 bucks. Does that count?

Matthew Lunger

I just spent $43 on a bottle of De Cam Oud Lambiek. I draw my line on the cost of beers by realizing the comparable price for similar beers and recognizing that some bottles and some breweries are just overpriced.

Cory Pelc

I paid $35 for a bottle of Buddha Nuvo a couple of years ago. A lot of the proceeds went back to the Colorado Brewer’s Guild so the price wasn’t outrageous.

Tristan Chan

I’m thinking the most I’ve spent for beer was probably a bottle of one of Cascade’s Sours which comes to around $30-35. Thats generally my absolute limit. Though I think there are plenty of $10-18 bottles that are more appropriately priced. If i were to break the bank for a beer it better blow my mind.

Desiree Duzich

Brady Akers

I paid around $35 for Mikkeller’s Black Fist. I was planning on bringing it to a Stout Exploration party that ended up getting cancelled so now I am waiting for a special occasion to unleash that beast. It really depends on the beer and the situation, but $40 is probably my max. $20 a bottle requires a lot of debate.

Mike Zoller

The most I’ve spent is $18 for Pipeworks here in Chicago. I think my limit for one bottle would be $30. With so many solid beer choices out there I can’t imagine there’s one bottle that is worth more than that.

Philip Joyce

I spent $75 on a bottle of 2011 Fou’ Foune this year at Zwanze Day. But it was split 6 ways, and it was more about the experience and less about the beer itself. Hanging out with Gabe and drinking amazing beer with great conversation was well worth the price tag. For a beer in my own cellar, $25 is my max.

Drew Davis

I think I spent about 20 Euros on a bottle of a special edition of either Delirium or La Chouffe while I was in Belgium. Can’t remember which one. There were a few brewery tours that day, so the memory is a little hazy. That’s about my max – somewhere in the $20-$30 range. There’s a high likelihood that I’ll one day pay more than that to be able to say I tried one of Sam Adams’ Utopia beers. I’d go in on it with some colleagues….any takers?

Tristan Chan

Drew Davis just invest in a trip out here for GABF. They always bring Utopias, and you can try other fantastic beers as well. Its nice to try but not worth shelling out big bucks for. It’s just super sweet and super boozy.

Spencer Mapes

I just bought my most expensive beer a few weeks ago. Spent $34.99 on a bottle of The Brewery’s 2014 Anniversary Ale – Sucre. An unfiltered 100% Ale aged in bourbon barrels.


  1. Robert

    The most I’ve spent was $35 for a Cantillion and Cascade is usually floating around that price point too. I was given an ’11 Black Tuesday and ’13 Chocolate Rain, those are probably the most expensive beers from my cellar.

    • Cantillion and Cascade are certainly worth shelling out for. And both of those Bruery gems are some major bang for their buck too.

  2. Dave Sorrell

    Ditto on the Utopia – Its one of those “bucket list” type of beers I’d suggest any beer enthusiast to try, but even if money were no object I doubt I’d actually buy a bottle. It’s just too boozy for me to enjoy more than a small snifter. There is a certain perceived value in super high abv beers that I just don’t seem to get personally, with reps bringing me samples of bourbon barrel 120, brooklyn black ops, avery pump(ky)n, and the like. Bourbon barrel anything just flies off the shelf at the bar though! My preferences are more towards the super funky sours if I’m dropping some major coin on a rare bottle.

    • Good call Dave! I definitely agree on your assessment of Utopias. I also am more prone to shelling out for Funky beers over overly boozy big beers.

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