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Serial Season Finale – What We Still Need Answered

Serial Season Finale – What We Still Need Answered

Over the past twelve weeks (remember Thanksgiving, when you thought you’d go bazonkers because they took the week off?), the nation has become captivated by Serial, the most popular podcast in America. As Drew previewed several weeks back, Serial is one long form story told week by week and presented by Sarah Koenig of This American Life, focusing on the 1999 murder of Hae-Min Lee.

Thursday marks the final installment of season one and yet there are still a multitude of questions that are still left unanswered. While we fully understand that there’s no way Serial will be able to provide any concrete resolution in this week’s series finale (Adnan’s appeal isnt until January) our staff still wanted to compile a list of loose ends we’d love to hear wrapped up. We also included a few not so super serial questions since we’re gooftroops like that.serial podcast

  • Will Sarah take a stand and FINALLY give us her best theory on what happened?
  • Is there any audio of Adnan’s conversations with police? We’ve heard audio of Jay with cops, but not Adnan
  • Will the Innocence Project come back in? If so, we have to figure Sarah will pass their findings along to Adnan.
  • I want to hear more of that 18-page letter. Adnan supposedly is aware of the podcast and reads transcripts; that letter was meant for us as much as Sarah Koenig.
  • Did Stephanie ever get a birthday present from Jay? (I think that was already asked.)
  • What did Christina Gutierrez spend all that money on?
  • How do none of these people understand the geography of their area. Everyone thinks parks are way further away (Adnan friends) or way closer(Jay) than they are.
  • What ever happened to the janitor who was trying to take a leak? Is this a case of the magic bladder or is he linked to Hae’s death?
  • How did Hae’s family initially react to Adnan being charged?
  • What will Sarah & co. cover next season on Serial? The only premise for Serial as a show is – one story told week by week. It’s This American Life over 3 months… They could do ANYTHING next year. They could do the life story of a garbage man! They could follow everyone who shops at the crab crib! They could teach us World War I! They can do whatever they want.
  • What ARE the odds of getting a charming sociopath?
  • Why cant ANYONE in his hometown pronounce Adnan correctly?
  • Did Dana ever go back to Crab Crib for the special?
  • Speaking of Dana, why can’t she get her shit together and focus on the cell towers?!
  • Did Jay’s girlfriend ever get that birthday gift?
  • Did Christina GutierrEZ EVER figure OUT how to CONTROL HER VOICE? Did SHE NOT?
  • To honor the legacy of other shows that don’t really offer conclusions, WILL Sarah play “Don’t Stop Believing” under the final credits roll?
  • How do you send a hi five via mail chimp? It’s a collaborative act. Do you just mail a picture of your hand and hope to get a similar reply?
  • Who is the Mail Kiyimp girl?
  • Is HuffPo being for realsies about implying racism for including Mail Kiyimp girl?
  • Will Mail Kiyimp girl be the subject of Serial Season 2?
  • What about the guy who says more than 7 million businesses around the world use “a mail chimp” does he really think theres a Chimpanzee that hand delivers mail to people?

This post was produced by Drew Troller, Danny King, Lindsay Krumel, Caitlin Van Mol and me Tristan Chan, Cory Pelc is our production and operations manager, Kate Stark was our editorial advisor, editing help today by Amber Dunlap, research and fact checking by no one (facts are optional), administrative support by Chris Day, our score is by John Williams, who did not mix this post, our theme song is by kpffkl, special thanks to Chris Knost who designed our website and codes everything. To the entire PorchDrinking staff for being rad and to Hops and Pie, Small Batch Liquors, The Glass Is Life IO, and Rue21 who sponsor the site… oh and Mail Chimp.

What questions do you still need answered? Share them in the comments section below!



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