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Awesomesauce | A Cappella Christmas

Laura Mego

As we discussed in last week’s roundtable, Christmas music has a definitive place on the calendar.  That being said, once we’re into “Christmas Music Season”, all bets are off.  You can stake your life on the fact that “All I Want for Christmas is You” will be blaring during my commute.  You’re welcome for the awesome in-car performance, fellow outerbelt drivers!

Add to this that I’ve always been a musical fanatic and huge choir nerd (seriously, when other 15 year old girls were trying out for sports teams or gossiping about boys, I was traveling cross country for two weeks with about 25 other choir nerds in a bus- we had a blast!) and the Christmas music just gets better because…it’s a cappella.  If you’re not a huge nerd like I am, a cappella is music performed only with your body- no instruments here, just voices, body drums, etc.  (You know that awesome Sexual Healing cover that they did on Fallon last week?  That was a cappella (and barbershop to boot!  I’m in heaven!  I digress…) if you want a timely example.)

Below are some of my new favorite a cappella Christmas tunes- check these folks out before you settle down on your couch to commence your annual “Love Actually” viewing, you won’t be disappointed.

Out of The Blue- All I Want for Christmas is You

These adorable gents from Oxford created this single for charity (aww!) but the video itself is one of the cutest things you’ll see this year.

Pentatonix- Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy

This 5-member group won season 3 of the Sing-Off, and have been on an upward trajectory ever since.  They’re touring the WORLD this year, and just released their second Christmas album. Not bad for a group of college-age kids.


98 Degrees- I’ll Be Home for Christmas

The only boy band that routinely included at least one a cappella number on each of their albums- this one is a gem from their (shockingly, still relevant-sounding) Christmas album.  (Don’t believe me?  Listen to ‘N Sync’s X-Mas record- it sounds dated as hell.  Bad life choice, 14 year-old Laura!)

Bonus track: 98 Degrees’ Ave Maria, because I’m a nerd, and the Bach/Gounod Ave Maria is way better than the Schubert.  Fight me on it, I dare you.


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