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Roundtable Discussion | Favorite & Least Favorite Super Bowl Commercials

Lindsay Krumel

After an epic Super Bowl Sunday, we asked our staff for their favorite and least favorite commercials. Bet you can’t guess which one we wish we hadn’t seen…

Colin Clancy

Least favorite = Budweiser’s anti-craft beer propaganda.

Favorite = the Nick Offerman NASCAR commercial that almost convinced me that cars driving around in circles for hours isn’t boring.

Brady Akers

It’s very resounding and I agree that the Budweiser “Macro” commercial was the worst. I loved the Walter White Esurance commercial and the Chelsea Handler/Sarah Silverman T-Mobile ad.

Desiree Duzich

I loved the Fiat one with the pill. That was pretty funny. Of course, we all know which one was the worst… 🙁

Cory Pelc

Danny Trejo Brady Bunch was hilarious.

Brady Akers

The Liam Neeson Clash of Clans commercial was an awesome self-parody too.

Christopher Day

Best: Tim & Eric’s absurd musical number for Loctite Glue; worst: McDonald’s lame and insipid “Pay with lovin'” garbage.

Brad Hartsock

I find it amusing this group was more upset by the Budweiser commercial than when Nationwide was like “hey your kids could get smashed by your plasma TV, you should probably take out a policy on them.” #onyourside #sodepressing

Danny King

Worst was that Nissan one. A). Cats in the Cradle is about a terrible father who doesn’t have any meaningful relationship with his son, B). there should have been a car crash, C). stop trying to make lame hashtags happen #withoutdadbecausethat’sthepointofcatsinthecradle

Brady Akers

Not many of us have kids, Brad. But all of us have many amazing craft beers at home.

Cory Pelc

If Danny Trejo would have saber’d the Bud bottle at the end of the commercial with his machete, I would have laughed off the Bud commercial and taken it as the joke it should have been. #commercialmashupsforlife

His line could have been “Machete don’t drink craft!” and then he could have swilled that yellow fizzy beer and all would have been well.

Ida Lieszkovszky Hargitai

Take a policy out on your kids, so that when they die in a freak accident at least you’ll have money. #getoffmyside (also I still have access to this page!? Fun!)

Ida Lieszkovszky Hargitai's photo.

Kevin Risner

Best: Loctite Glue and Nick Offerman’s NASCAR spot; Worst: Nationwide’s dead kid and Budweiser’s P.O.S.

Laura Mego

Best: Fake sick to keep the middle seat open, lure hot girl with Doritos before realizing that hot girl has baby. Worst: Spill one Coke, and suddenly everyone’s nice to everyone else on the internet – WHUT?

I also loved the play like a girl commercial a lot, so sue me.

Tristan Chan

Best commercial hands down…Fast and Furious 7.


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