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Roundtable Discussion | Best Shows to Binge Watch

house of cards
Kate Stark

A dark room. Blankets. Beer. More hours than you care to admit spent on the couch. The question “Another?” while Netflix counts down the seconds… and then makes that decision for you. We’ve all been there.

When the third season of House of Cards releases Friday on Netflix— *screams of delight*— there are some of us who will hole up and only emerge from our blanket forts once we’ve watched all of it.

Staffers: what are your (other) favorite shows to binge watch?

Brady Akers

The Wire is a great binge-worthy show. I watched all 5 seasons over 2 weeks after my knee surgery. I also recommend Peaky Blinders, Sherlock (BBC) and Archer (for comedic relief).

Stacey Goers

Portlandia, Always Sunny, Bourne series (well, anything with Matt Damon … We celebrate his entire collection)

Sarah Hargis

I watched all of 30 Rock in about a week.

Katelyn Pelak

Game of Thrones and I will never regret it

Sarah Hargis

Brady: Peaky Blinders is great!

Jess Baker

Lost. Binge watching means the crazy breadcrumbs are so fresh.

Chelsea Mitchell

I don’t watch House of Cards but I guess I should start. I regularly binge watch The Office (I’ve seen every episode 10+ times), Parks and Rec (because I am Leslie Knope), and lately I got really into Californication. If the show is good, I’ll binge watch it…so I guess I’ll turn on House of Cards ASAP.

Marie DeAeth

Me and Friends are finding out all sort of new, intriguing things about each other the second time around. But beyond that, everyone would be watching: Black Mirror and Peaky Blinders. Also The Wild China series from BBC is also surprisingly intriguing.

Josh Kan

Freaks & Geeks, Scrubs, Friends, No Reservations, 30 Rock, Modern Family, How I Met Your Mother, Top Chef

Brady Akers

Freaks and geeks is awesome, Joshua. Did you watch the college version: Undeclared? It’s great!

Josh Kan

Brady: Yeah I did watch undeclared! Another 1 season show that should not have been canceled. Fresh off the boat is pretty funny as well. But not sure if it will last. Blackish is great too.

Cory Pelc

Broad City, Workaholics, Vikings, Friends are all binge-worthy in my book

Katie Oswalt

Friends and House Hunters lately…

Justin Vicroy

Peaky Blinders & Agents of Shield are my 2 latest binge watches

Danny King

happy endings, broad city, and star trek: next gen

Spencer Mapes

This weekend I discovered that Danger 5 was on Netflix…watched it all in one sitting

Laura Mego

I’m seconding 30 Rock- I catch so many recurring jokes that I wouldn’t have otherwise noticed

Sarah Hargis

I’ve been watching a lot of Danger 5. It’s crazy!

Katie Oswalt

Yes 30 Rock and Parks and Rec… great for passive binge-watching!

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