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Roundtable Discussion | Favorite Thing to Make Using Beer

Beer Milkshake
Lindsay Krumel

My friend Sam won’t leave me alone about making him the beer milkshake I wrote about in one of my first posts for, and that got me thinking, “I wonder what the rest of the staff likes to make using beer.” So I asked. The result? Some of the most delicious sounding recipes you could ever fathom.

Andy Manshel

Lambic floats.

Drew Troller

Beer cheese.

Chelsea Mitchell

As the resident beer cook, I find myself putting beer in pretty much everything but I love cooking with beer and fruit together. This works best with sours, fruit beers, and saisons. If I’m using something hoppy, I’ll try and cook with herbs and it always turns out delicious.

Justin Vicroy

I love making chili using beer. I steep dried chile pods in beer & once they are reconstituted, then I blend up the chiles in the beer. I add this mixture to browned meat, garlic, onions, sautéed peppers, & spices.

Laura Mego

Fondue! (Also chili, but Justin Michael Vicroy beat me to it)

Philip Joyce

Andy… what do you float in your lambic? I really like to make beer pickles. Salt, vinegar, saison is my tradish, but i’ve been experimenting with replacing vinegar with sour beer.

Joshua Kan

I like making pints in frothy mugs, great for the summer!

On a more serious note, just watched an episode of Mind of a Chef where David Chang used beer to boil blue point crabs with old bay seasoning, will def be trying that.

Philip Joyce

YUP, i’m into that Joshua!

Christopher Day

Bad decisions is the obvious answer, but I also like braising meat in beer. I like beef with dark and roasty beers and pork with hoppy or tart beers.

Andy Manshel

Vanilla bean ice cream + Lindemin’s Frambois is a thing of beauty.

Clayton Myers

Smoking meat using wood soaked in beer is something I’ve been playing around with.

Brady Akers

I always use a hoppy IPA in my pork roast. Whether it’s for carnitas or pulled pork, it’s always essential. Brats also require beer in their cooking process. I really want to try using Twisted Pine’s Ghost Face Killa with meat. Ice cream and parfait are also great with sweet stouts and Lambics.



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