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Pop Culture Week in Review 3/14-3/20

  • On March 20, 2015

It’s another Pop Culture Week in Review and this week does not disappoint.

Robert Durst got arrested …

… but I’m not done with The Jinx. I really can’t look into it until I’m done. So, um … Google it.

Two judges on X Factor New Zealand were fired:

This whole video is to tragically ridiculous. The outrage this woman has over this man supposedly copying her husband, who is also outraged because he apparently invented the skinny suit and parting your hair on the side. So I’d like to take some time to call out a few other copy cats.

This man, who I found by searching “Man in suit” on Google Images:








This happy gentleman, who doesn’t know what sort of intellectual property he has stolen.












Roger Sterling has no artistic integrity.







And mother fucking Ryan Gosling- you disgust me.
















Community has returned!

Say it with me now, “Six seasons and a movie! Six seasons and a movie! Six seasons and a MOVIE!” The first two episodes are available now with the rest rolling out on a dumb normal dumb television dumb schedule. There will be 13 episodes. If there are more, you can rest assured that Ken Jeong will be a part of them- he has vowed to never leave the series. I know he was the one we were all worried about.

This is my everything:

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