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Awesomesauce | Dachshunds!

Laura Mego

Confession time: I had a different article planned for Awesomesauce this week, but after falling down the rabbit-hole that is the internet due to the above video this week, I have a new obsession: DACHSHUNDS!

Spurred in part by this, the other viral doggie video of the week, I clicked on YouTube for (what I thought was) a hot second, and proceeded to waste about three hours of my life watching the cute suckers. I’ve always had a thing for Corgis, and I do love me a Basset Hound, so we’re going to chalk it up to my love of short-legged dogs (and not my obsession with all things canine itself)…really, I swear that’s it!

Truly, these dogs have a personality of their own. Bred to hunt badgers (seriously, how badass is that!?) these petite pups are anything but demure. They have big-dog personalities (as you’ll see below) and are always up for a laugh. Here are just a few of my current favorite internet-dwelling Doxies:

Apple, the sassy Dachshund
This girl is seriously the cutest, and so full of sass! Her owner’s other videos are equally charming.

Maddie, the baby Doxie
She’s the perfect example of just how smart these pups can be- look how fast she picked this up!

And, the gateway Dachshund, Scrappy
His hoooman mom has both an Instagram account¬†and YouTube channel devoted to the adorable pup; check them out to see all of Scrappy’s paw-some outfits!

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