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Roundtable Discussion | April Beer Month

april beer month

In Colorado, February is known as Stout Month. And it makes sense, as the weather is still wintery and you need a drink that can fill you up.

That got me thinking, what kind of month would April be? It’s unpredictable, yet smack in the middle of spring, as we get amped up for summertime.

Justin Vicroy

Saison Month! Light enough to embrace warm weather, rich enough to handle the random cold spells & snow storms, and just enough spicy esters to stand out in a crowd.


Kathleen Morton

Yes! That would be my choice too.

Kezia Ibarra

Introduction to Spring calls for Fruit IPA’s I can never get enough of ApriHop!

Scott Hoffman

Barleywine. Go big or go home.

Justin Vicroy

^ Wow! Hoffman trying to kill my liver.

Josh Ritenour

Gose. Salty. Sour. Mmmmmm…

Sarah Hargis

Berlinerweiss! (With lots of different fruits)

Stephanie Vail

Saison, hands down!

Chelsea M

I’m in with Justin – Saison month for April. But really…what month isn’t saison month for me?

Justin Vicroy

 Agreed, Chelsea! Every month is Saison Month.

Philip Joyce

+1 Justin. +1 Chelsea.

Cory Pelc

Another stout month. Jk . . . mostly. I’ll see your Saison month and up the ante by specializing it as Bière de Garde month.

Lauren Hoff

Look for West Flanders to be doing a saison month soon.

Danny King

This might be too specific but my vote is for grapefruit beers. The reintroduction of the sun into my life has me craving Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin, Schofferhofer, and Singlecut Kim.

Brady Akers

With it being my birthday month, I think we need to go big. I’d like to see Imperial month. Everything from Stouts to IPAs to Saisons, let’s pump up that ABV!

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